Friday, October 14, 2005


I have 16 days and I’m still stuck on a costume for Halloween. The problem is last year’s costume was so genius that I don’t think I can even come close to matching it. Last year I went as my Friendster profile. It met all of my Halloween costume criteria: minimal dressing up, easy to make, and great conversation piece. I was originally going to go as a giant, and that’s my fall back plan, but it doesn’t have the zing of my Friendster profile. My friend is going as the guys that pass out the strip club flyers on the streets of Vegas. That’s brilliant.

Speaking of Halloween, I’m heading to the Queen Mary Shipwreck Halloween Terrorfest this Saturday. I was rather excited, till I saw that half the event is just a couple clubs. Sigh. I hope the mazes they have set up rule, or I’m asking for my money back. At least I’ll have something else to write about than my youth on Monday.

The playoffs now have three teams (ChiSox, Cards, & Astros) that I really don’t like, and the Angels who I’m indifferent to. Yet, I think they all offer intriguing match-ups that will keep me glued to the TV. I honestly have no idea who will come out on top. I thought the Cards had the upper hand on Houston, but their bullpen is shakier than I originally thought. This might be the beginning of small ball baseball as Gammons wrote about in his column.

Doesn’t Cameron Crowe’s “Elizabethtown” look a lot like “Jerry Maguire?” Hot shot shoe designer/sports agent loses everything and meets a cute blond (Dunst/Zellweger) that helps him put his life in order. Does this mean I won’t see it? Of course not. I’ll still go with the hope of another “Say Anything” and I’ll leave disappointed. Yet I’ll probably still enjoy it once I get past my disappointment.

In case you haven’t seen, Apple’s put out a new iPod that plays video now. You can even download shows from ABC and music videos. No, I did not rush out and buy it. Yes, I was slightly tempted.

For when you’re bored out of your skull. You have to place everything on the cubs in the right order. Each object ends up working with the other objects when done correctly. I offer only one hint: The man goes first.

I like my neighborhood. It’s a little dirty. It has its fair share of homeless. It’s guaranteed that twice a week the cops our out. It does though have its charm. It definitely feels like a neighborhood. The homeless that hang around are regulars. Everything I need is a very short drive away. Roscoe’s is half a mile from my doorstep. I’m three blocks from the beach. I do have one major complaint. There is absolutely no parking, especially on street sweeping nights. It’s getting to the point where I’m losing even more faith in humanity because of the parking situation. People constantly take up two parking spots because they’re too scared to parallel park. For the first time in my life I’m tempted to go to the neighborhood meetings to speak my mind about the parking. All it takes parking permits for those who actually live in the neighborhood. I’d gladly pay a small sum every month if it would mean I didn’t have drive around for an hour to find a parking spot.

I've heard rumors that after Arrested Development is going to be cancelled after the Theron story arc ends. How sad.

I had this conversation with my father:

Dad: You know a student from your old high school is some actress.
Me: Who?
Dad: A girl named Marge I think? She changed her name. She was one of my students.
Me: Is she in anything?
Dad: She's that Lost show.
Me: Maggie Grace?!
Dad: Yeah. That's it. I think.
Me: And how long have you known this?


faith said...

First: I love your glasses...I've been meaning to tell you that for a while, but it never seemed to fit in the post...but with the pic of you I thought it would be ok to mention.

Halloween, I'm not much for the 'holiday' but mostly because I'm pretty sensitive about scary things, and most of the stuff at Halloween is meant the scare the hell out of people...I scare VERY I don't really need the sometimes over the top scary of Halloween.

The last party I went to (about 5 years ago) I went as a dead person, white face/black eyes teased hair and spiders all over me, took forever to get the stuff out of my hair! HA. But it was a concert/party so nothing scary about it, just lots of fun.

Keymaster said...

I say go as the Dude. All you need is a bathrobe and a White Russian. Done.

Bradford said...

The Dude is a great call, except I've already been the Dude. That might be a better back-up though than being a giant.

bobby said...

Not only was she your father's student, but Maggie Grace is also in the new version of The Fog, which is based on the old movie The Fog which is similar to your script Dark Falls which was ripped off by persons unknown to make Darkness Falls. Furthermore, she was in an episode of... CSI: Miami. The Spring Break episode from season one, which you more than likely did some research for. I say all the signs are pointed in the same direction, Brad. Ask her out.

Bradford said...

When I lay out all the signs that you have, I'm sure she'll come to the same conclusion.

The Diva said...

I say get a pair of tight jeans and a loud, obnoxious Hawaiian shirt, some gold chains, slick back your hair, and go as Quagmire from Family Guy. Giggity, giggity.

Bradford said...

Hmmm. Quagmire? That's not bad. If I only had hair to slick back.

The Diva said...

I'm sure you could find a cheap wig to grease up.
Wow, that sounded like a euphemism for something suggestive.