Monday, October 31, 2005


First off, some have asked why would my brother Ben refer to himself as Ben I. The reason is that I have two brothers named Ben. No, my mother didn’t run out of names. The other Ben is my step-brother. As stated before in this blog, my family doesn’t really view each other as step-siblings or half-siblings. We are in fact one big happy family, usually. To help identify which Ben had gotten in trouble we came up with Ben I. and Ben K. The letter obviously being the first in their last name. Yes, Ben K. fought against this since Ben K. quickly turned to Ben Gay. Now that the sophomoric version has become history, he’s accepted the Ben K. name. To finally differentiate the two:

This is Ben I.

This is Ben K.

Once more, Ben I.

Ben K.

As for my Halloween costume I “mailed it in” and just went as giant Brad. Of course this meant I had to constantly explain why I was carrying a helicopter, and had army men dangling from string. I feel like I let myself down. At least it was somewhat original, which is more than I can say for the multiple pimps, playmates, and sexy angels/devils that were in attendance at the party.

Seeing highlights from the Florida and Virginia Tech games, I thought I was watching “Any Given Sunday.” The Nike designers need to lay off the LSD. Who the hell thinks these are cool?

I hate to admit it but I actually got a little misty eyed as I finished the game Shadow of the Colossus. I don’t want to give anything away, but the ending is rather satisfying, even if it is a very Japanese ending.

So, the Cubs have re-signed Rusch and picked up the options on 2B Walker and P Williamson. The option on Burnitz was not picked up. Other than the Walker option, everything is going as I planned.

Even with all those different pens out on the market, I still comeback to the standard Paper Mate. It’s like an old reliable friend.

I forgot to change my clock for daylight savings, and still showed up on time for work rather than an hour early.

I find it odd that we are getting out of work early for Halloween, though it makes sense for those who want to spend it with their kids.


Keymaster said...

I want to see pics of Giant Brad! That is original. I think the best costume at our party was The Golden Snitch from Harry Potter.

Keymaster said...

They have kids in Long Beach???

faith said...

I would also like to see Giant Brad.

Are the pictures of your Ben Bro's truly reflective of their personalities? If so they seem totally opposite of the spectrum!

faith said...

Sorry, I was in a hurry...bad grammar! Your bro's seem very diffrent from each what I was trying to get at.

Bradford said...

Keymaster: Apparently they let them out of their cages on Halloween.
Faith: Yes, the Bens are somewhat opposite of each other.

Bradford said...

The Halloween picture is up on my flickr. Wow. it sucks.

faith said...

I like the shoe one! :)

In the other one you look stoned!

bobby said...

I see Giant Brad has already wreaked havoc on the couch. Who will save the bathroom?!