Tuesday, October 25, 2005

As Promised...

I received the CD's of goodness in the mail. So here a couple of the popular songs. Add them to your iPod, and get a treat when you hit shuffle.

The Music Machine-The Music Machine

Have Patience-The Music Machine

Tell the Truth-Sir Oliver's Song "God don't dig lyin'!"

Kalepo-Sir Oliver's Song

Give it up for Agapeland!


The Diva said...

I am digging The Magic Numbers!! thanks for the tracks.
FYI they will be on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic next Tuesday, Nov. 1...that should be a good performance. Yesterday's Nada Surf in-studio was GREAT.

Tim said...

Nice! I will be downloading whenst I return home.

Diva--you listen to MBE? Online? I'm impressed. I forget that other people outside of LA know about it. I loves me some Nic Harcourt. Get most of my new music from it.

The Diva said...

I listen to MBE online, and I also podcast the live peformances along with some other KCRW shows. I am thinking I might start recording the entire MBE and Metropolis shows on my computer, because I also discover songs a lot on there. I wish Dallas had something as great as MBE or KEXP in Seattle...The Adventure Club used to come close for me, but it's just not what it used to be.

Tim said...

The Adventure Club I don't know.

MBE and Metropolis are greatness. I never would have found stuff like Royksopp, Ulrich Schnauss, or Boards of Canada without them.