Friday, October 21, 2005


As most of you know the World Series begins this weekend. Most “experts” seem to be picking the White Sox to win it. I honestly don’t know how you can pick between them. I think they split on starting pitchers. Yes, Backe is a question mark, but it seems he’s always done well in the post-season. Houston doesn’t really have a DH, but they win in the bullpen comparison. That’s where I think this game will be won. Only in Game 2 did the White Sox have to scratch out runs against the Angels. That will be different against the Astros. Astros in 6. Honestly, I just want the season to be over. I want the trades and deals to start happening. Though they really won’t begin till January. I predict indecision will once again leave the Cubs sitting on their hands till it’s too late.

I can be a real asshole at times. The most current proof of this is the new PA we’ve hired. He’s been here a little while, and is really a nice guy. Still, he drives me up the damn wall. First of all, he’s a dancer. Popping is his speciality. He dances under the name Astroglide. He’s actually wearing his Astroglide T-shirt today. Really, I wish I was making this up. I’ve actually been challenged to a dance off. I politely declined. It’s like he’s from the movie “Warriors.” Like Baseball Furies and their baseball bats, his gang is all about dancing! Half of those “gang members” in the movie, my niece could beat up. This isn’t even the main problem I have with him. He simply tries too hard. This is one of my pet peeves. It’s not the effort which is commendable, but the manner in which it is done. I’m giving him a little leeway simply because he’s just a kid, but my eyes are tired from rolling. I will say he’s Quick Draw McGraw on the phones.

Yes, I feel old because I just called a recent college grad a “kid.”

Do you like zombie movies? Do you also like 1950’s sci-fi? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a zombie? If your answer is yes, then do I have a game for you. I picked up Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel without a Pulse" for the Xbox. You are Stubbs the zombie. You come back to life in a futuristic city (albeit a 1950’s view of the future) called Punchbowl. You set out and take over the city. Your skills though are more than just eating brains. That is though how you replenish your health and build your zombie horde. You can remove an internal organ and use it as a grenade. You can detach your hand and use it to take control of those still living. When surrounded you can expel noxious gas from you know where to stun your enemies. Once stunned they become a smorgasbord of brains. You can also bowl your head toward enemies, and then detonate your head. Let’s also not forget your army of zombies. They aren’t the smartest of armies, but come one their dead. They can make a nice distraction, once you shove them in the right direction. I still haven’t gotten tired of whistling to get their attention. Their constant moaning for “BRAINS!” doesn’t get old either. The game really doesn’t pick up till after the first chapter because that’s when you finally learn all of your skills. But from then on it’s a funny and addictive game. Yes it’s basically a walking around and eating people game, but just when you think you’re about to get tired of it they throw something new at you. Two other points: Maybe I was tired, but I found myself laughing at a mini-game at the end of the first chapter. Out of nowhere you are challenged by the police chief to a dance off. It’s basically a game of Simon, but the dance animations and the music had me almost “Whooing.” Almost. Which brings me to my last point: I give this game credit for doing something out of the norm for their soundtrack. Usually games slap on some monotonous soundtrack or a bunch of tracks aimed to sell records. Stubbs does something a little different. They collected a bunch of current indie artists to do covers of 50’s songs. Not all of it is great, but it fits the game well, and will bring a smile to your face. Below is the track listing. It may be the first time I’ve been tempted to buy a game’s soundtrack.

Ben Kweller - Lollipop
The Raveonettes - My Boyfriend's Back
Death Cab for Cutie - Earth Angel
Rose Hill Drive - Shakin' All Over
Cake - Strangers in the Night
The Walkmen - There Goes My Baby
Rogue Wave - Everyday
The Dandy Warhols - All I Have to Do Is Dream
Oranger - Mr. Sandman
The Flaming Lips - If I Only Had a Brain
Clem Snide - Tears on My Pillow
Milton Mapes - Lonesome Town
Phantom Planet - The Living Dead (original song)

Also, I think Stubbs looks a lot like me. Only he’s less green and a little fatter. You know now that I look at it, Stubbs and I are nearly identical.

I still have no idea about a Halloween costume yet.

For you Lost fans out there, that rumor going around about who the next person will be to die is true. I got confirmation this morning from a very reliable source.

I was recently thinking of albums for the year end top 10 list. I only came up with four. It’s October and I only have four! I hope the holiday season turns out some great stuff.

No matter how much people try to prove it to me, Dane Cook is not funny.

I’ve outlined an idea for romantic comedy….Ha Ha! Whoo! I slay me.

Have a good weekend!


Keymaster said...

Okay, is it Shannon??? That's what I heard at least.
My little story about the worst pick-up lines...I was trying to hear Milton Mapes play. Small world.

Go as Ali G.

PotentialLunchWinner said...

Dude, I love 50's Sci Fi, and I love zombies. Looks like I'm going to have to get this game. I did hear The Flaming Lips version of If I Only Had a Brain on Sirius the other night. Brilliant.

Bradford said...

I don't know you PLW, but being a regular reader of your blog I immediately thought "I bet PLW would dig this game."

MOL Junior said...

bradford, you DO know plw. he slept in your living room for 4 nights in august 2002.

Bradford said...

Whoops! Was in town at that time? I don't remember. I apologize.

MOL Junior said...

yep. we all went to dinner together at that italian restaurant that's in (i think) NE hollywood.

MOL Junior said...

i even tried to play matchmaker with you 2. "hey brad, you like comics and video games...shawn likes comics and video games too!" but it didn't take. i guess some times you just can't force these happened in due time, though.

Bradford said...

Wait. I do rememeber that. We went to that T-shirt novelty shop. I would also like to state that when introduced Shawn was in no way introduced as PLW.

MOL Junior said...

that's right! that's where shawn bought a joy division poster, to which i responded: "what's a joy division?".

we're in the 14th inning watching? it's not even 11 out there in cali.

Bradford said...

Of course I'm watching. Still the top of the 14th and Houston's in trouble.