Monday, January 08, 2007

So That Happened

Wow. I don't know what to say. Except 51 days! You can't tell me that had nothing to do with this. When did I know in the game that we were in trouble? When Ginn Jr. was limping to the locker room. Our one true speed threat sent to the sidelines. Credit to Florida for having a solid game plan, and executing. I didn't see a blow out like this. I have a few questions though. What happened to the run? Our defense gave the offense chances to get back into it in the second half, but nothing happened. This sucks. I expect this when I watch the Cubs. I don't with the Buckeyes. They were not prepared. They played flat the whole game. Now I'm rambling. Thank goodness I bought a new TV, or it would be in pieces. This isn't as bad as NLCS, but it comes close. I still don't know what happened. Thanks for ruining a wonderful night my sister and I planned to have.

Ok, I think I've changed my mind a little. I don't think this is close to the NLCS. First off I've witnessed the Buckeyes winning not only a great game against Michigan but the National Title just three years ago. Also, the Buckeyes didn't just show up at all. Have you ever seen a dominating team like that just not show up? I think I would be more upset if the Buckeyes played well and then lost in some close game. I'm still pissed that they laid an egg an a half, but after the first 20 seconds or so you saw it coming. The Buckeyes were never in it. Am I still baffled? Absolutely. I just think the disappointment has dissipated some now that my head is clear. It simply came down to Florida playing the game of their lives and The Ohio State University playing the absolute worst game of their lives.

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