Friday, January 19, 2007


It's been awhile since I've posted one of these so lets get started.

Sometimes while I research I come across something that makes my day even week. Today I came across this intro to a bottle manufacturing website. It's the music that makes it. Click here and let it load, and then enjoy the "movie of the week" music. I've already hit refresh five times today. SETCO!

Had our annual dead pool draft last night. None of the people on my list died last year. I still dropped three for new replacements. Here's how awful this game can be. This year we are adding points so the younger the person is when they die the more points you get. So, who do I want to add on my list but Anna Nicole Smith's baby. Yeah, I know. Here's what makes it worse. One of our writers had the baby on his list as well, and got to select the kid first. It's awful but how can you not make take that gamble. She could accidentally confuse the baby for tempura

A new Heroes tonight! As Mandy would say, "Whoo hoo!"

I've realized I would be less likely to date a woman because of what she liked rather than what she didn't like. For example I would be willing to look past a woman not being a fan of the Beach Boys, but if she had every Dashboard Confessional album, forget it. I think I base this on the fact that with time I could wear her down to the point of at least appreciating the Beach Boys, but I can't get her to hate something she's already invested her heart in. Though if she didn't like this I would have nothing to do with her.

One of the movies of my youth is the thriller "The Hitcher." It was one of those movies that was always on cable, and preyed on the universal warning of never picking up strangers. As a kid it scared the hell out of me. The scene that everyone remembers from this movie is the semi-truck scene with Jennifer Jason Leigh tied between the cab and the trailer. It's such an awful scene not just because of what happen to poor Jennifer, but because in the scene there are a bunch of cops and people who do nothing but watch. They make no effort to help. Then there's the scene where C. Thomas Howell sees Hauer in the back of station wagon with a family. Howell later on comes across the station wagon with its victims inside. How can you ever pick up a stranger after seeing this movie? Even C. Thomas Howell is effective in this movie. At the end I believe that Howell is now permanently screwed up to the point he could follow in Hauer's footsteps. There are also some solid cheese lines that Hauer sells like gold.

John Ryder: How do you like "Shitsville"?

John Ryder: That guy back there, the one we just passed. The guy who picked me up before you did.
Jim Halsey: That was him in there?
John Ryder: Sure it was. He couldn't have walked very far.
Jim Halsey: Why's that?
John Ryder: Because I cut off his legs... and his arms... and his Head. And I'm going to do the same to you.

Interrogation Sergeant: What's your name? Come on. What's your name? Do you have a name? Do you have a police record? Where are you from?
John Ryder: Disneyland.

This weekend Hollywood has come to "The Hitcher" on their "To Be Remade" list. Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed. The trailer itself frustrates me to know end. First off they swapped the gender of the lead. This really wouldn't be a problem if they didn't start off the film with her and her boyfriend. Part of the fear in the first movie was that Howell's character was all alone in the middle of nowhere. Yes, he eventually persuades the waitress to help him, but that added to the tension. With two people starting off together the tension is lessened. It also doesn't help that the couple look too pretty. Couldn't they find someone that could perhaps come closer to portraying nonchalant crazy than Sean Bean. The mass populous still sees him as the guy that gave his life at the end of the first Lord of the Rings. How can he possibly come close to the crazy that Hauer portrayed.

I really don't mind all these Chainsaw Massacre and other popular horror remakes. It's when they start messing around with movies that meant something to me in my youth that get me a little irritated.

Two months and 10 days till Cubs opening day.

And like that...It was gone.


thefamousgrouse said...

After last night, I've decided Hiro is what MAKES Heroes. Without him it would be nothing.

I anybody needs an HD burn of Heroes, I'm your man. Thank you Windows Media Center!

I miss the mustache, man.

Mandy said...

Ben--I completely agree. While everyone else is so serious and melodramatic, there's little Hiro, saying, "Waffles!! Ooohoo!"

And I'm so relieved to see the pornstache gone. Brad looks like my brother once more.

..and I really hate word verification.

faith said...

aawwe...I was kind of getting used to the thought of the stash on you...but you look better without it. (and about 5 years younger...wait is that a good thing for a guy?)

Jaime said...

Oh, man--the Starship Trooper thing was perfect in so many ways. I've made myself sick from laughing. Were they holding dumbbells?!?

And were those guys supposed to represent the starship trooper? If so, somebody should tell her they're gay.

bobby said...

I heard they're remaking Field Of Dreams with an all-black-midget cast.

thefamousgrouse said...

What happened to the 'Hats and iMovie' post? Did you say something to piss off his Jobness?