Monday, January 01, 2007


I meant to bring this up in the last post. It seems that even though I recently turned 35 years old I still need to be carded for cigarettes. The last few months I have been carded a dozen times. Most recently I was carded in Maine. I admit I have a somewhat young face as long as the hat stays on. I can almost understand that I could be carded for buying alcohol. But being carded for cigarettes means they think I could be 17 years old. I'm more double that. Maybe this is a little gift to make me feel better about passing out of the 18-34 age demographic. I would like the advertisers to know I still buy like I'm in that demographic.

Encore is showing a 007 marathon to ring in 2007. I don't think I've given them enough credit for their stunts. I've watched most or all of about 7 of them so far. What? I'm resting up for the three day work week I have ahead of me. Anyway, even the ones with Timothy Dalton had great stunts. Take "License to Kill." It has the driving the semi truck on one side and then dropping it on a jeep. The flaming car that flies off a cliff and over and airplane. There's also the decent jumping on a plane from a helicopter and then hooking it with a wire.

Way to lay an egg again Michigan. Lloyd Carr can't coach his teams in big games.

Speaking of big games, how great was that Boise State vs. Oklahoma game? That might be the best bowl game this year. Pulling off the hook and ladder to tie the game, and then calling the "statue of liberty" play on the winning 2 pt. conversion. Screw the NFL. College Football is where it's at.

89 days till the Cubs season opener!

Twilight Singers performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night. I actually had tickets for the mini-concert even though that probably meant having to watch Kimmel. Unfortunately, I had to cancel. Thanks to YouTube I at least can see the song they performed. It's nice seeing Joseph Arthur up there too. Dulli must have been sick, because he was clearly struggling vocally. It's still nice to see one of your favorite bands get national exposure.

If the below office paper shredder happens to disappear you can go ahead and blame me. For some reason they placed it right behind my desk, and every time I'm trying to have a conversation somebody starts shredding. I'm on an important research call, and someone starts shredding. One the writers is asking me a research question, and someone starts shredding. It's like they sit and wait till I start talking to shred. It's become almost comical. I stress the "almost" part because I hate this thing. I hate it.

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Jennifer Elizabeth said...

You know what it is, Brad? It's because people are starting to realize you are old enough to need that "oh-you're-so-old-I-should-card-you-to-make-you-feel-good" affirmation. I've been getting it to,, in fact. Since we are the same age, I think it is more than coincidence.