Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well, I did it, and honestly I was tempted to try four it went that well. I got off work a little later than expected, so I had to switch around the order of the movies I was going to see. I was planning to start off with "Dreamgirls." Instead, I had to go with "Children of Men" first. "Children of Men" was well made but nothing you haven't really seen before. In fact it's a lot like a movies I've already seen this year. I won't say which movie because that could possibly spoil the ending to either one that you haven't seen. I will say I think "Children of Men" was slightly better than that movie.

The second movie I saw was "Dreamgirls." Now, I don't really like musicals, but I have a hard time turning down a movie that basically covers the history of R&B group the Supremes. Which makes me wonder if Diana Ross and the Supremes had to approve the musical or anything? Still, I admit I enjoyed enough of it to give it a high recommendation. I finally discovered my main problem with musicals. It's when they start singing what they want to say. This movie only does it a few times but it still drove me up the wall. If you want to sing a song that represents how that person is feeling with a few lines relating directly to what is happening that is fine. But when you start having people talking to each other in song, I can't take it. I liked most of the songs. Yes, that Hudson girl can really sing. In my audience, she got two ovations from the audience and Beyonce got one. The movie really only gives Beyonce one song to show her chops. I also enjoyed Jamie Fox's character. Not necessarily Fox, but I enjoyed the path of his character.

Finally, I wrapped up the trifecta with a wonderful film called "Pan's Labyrinth." It's a bizarre and beautiful fairy tale about a young girl that takes place after Spain's civil war. I've come to really love Guillermo Del Toro as a director. I loved "The Devil's Backbone." This is though his best film. It's superb in all aspects. I will say that this is not for kids. Don't let the cute little girl and the mythical creatures confuse you. This is rated R for a reason.

My prediction for the week is that Stomp the Yard will be number one in the box office this weekend. It was selling out all over around here. At the theater I went to there were kids holding impromptu dances like in the movie. It was rather impressive, though I'm sure the movie still blows.

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