Monday, May 15, 2006

Now, It's Not Even Funny.

Meet the Kansas City Royals of the National League, yooouuuuur Chicago Cubs. Wow. They really suck! In fact that might be a little harsh associating the Royals with the Cubs right now. The Cubs have lost 12 of their last 13 games. It's become utterly painful to watch them find creative ways to lose. Back in 1997 the Cubs started the season 0-14, that sucked as well but there was a certain comical nature behind it. They trotted out a goat at home games to try to end the losing streak. Back then nothing was really expected. Now? Now, the fans are waiting for something to go wrong so they can boo. The players are doing their best to make those fans happy. From three error innings to back to back wild pitches to stupid base-running blunders, the Cubs have done it all. I have yet to watch a full game since this losing started, it's become that unbearable. It's one thing to watch a team get beat, yet still enjoy watching them because they are still playing the game the right way. To watch your team lose because they don't hit the cut-off man or can't seem to take a pitch is completely different. Now I've had people say they could turn things around once they get Wood and Prior back. Those people aren't Cubs fans. They haven't previously invested their hope in those two for the past four years only to see a trainer walk them off the mound. Others have pointed out that this could get Dusty booted, which has to be a positive. Sure, that could happen, and I wouldn't be opposed to Dusty being sent packing. The problem I've had is that I don't think this is all Dusty's fault. This problem of not drawing walks, baserunning blunders, and damaged talent was a problem before Dusty. So why would it change if he leaves? I think this whole system needs to be restructured from the ground up. Changes need to be made starting at the Chicago Tribune and ending at the batboy for the Mesa Cubs. The Cubs need to stop trying to find pieces, and start building a team. For this season, I'd see if the injury riddled Yankees would like Jacque Jones and or Juan Pierre? Call up Pie. I'd see if the Mets would be interested in Prior for Milledge. See what talent you can get for Aramis Ramirez. Heck, trade Zambrano if the deal's good enough. I don't know what you could get for the three man platoon of Walker, Hairston, and Dusty's man-crush Neifi Perez. Bring up Theriot to play full time. Send Wood to anyone that will take him. Keep Lee and Maddux to show the kids how to play. In fact I'd sign Maddux for what ever contract he wants as long as he promises to become the pitching coach once he's finished pitching. I still think Terry Pendleton deserves a shot at managing. Then bring in Mark Grace as the voice of the franchise and the batting coach.

This of course means there will be a couple years of the young kids learning the ropes, which means some losing seasons. But here's part of my point. The Cubs have the money to keep the young players that play well. They don't have to trade them like the Royals or the Marlins. This will give the fans some stability, and they don't have to watch the revolving door of right fielders. It's a drastic change that will never happen, but I can dream can't I? It's better than watching the nightmare on the field.

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