Saturday, May 27, 2006

If Only MOL Jr. Was There.

One my friends from undergrad, Sara, came into town this weekend. She was in on business which seems to happen about once or twice a year. It's always great to catch up with her, and she always a blast. This time around she and her co-worker were put up in the Roosevelt Hotel. We had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. Which at first I would think is a no-no, but it was actually outstanding. I highly recommend he kobe flat iron steak. Anyway, it seems that if you are a guest at the hotel you can get into any party the hotel happens to be hosting. For example, they got into the American Idol party Thursday night. Who knew this was protocol? No there was not a teary eyed Hasselhoff sighting.

After the dinner, we went out to the party area by the pool for some drinks. There didn't seem to be any special event planned, just a bunch of LA types lounging around. Thirty minutes later and who do I see walk in but Drama and the two other guys. I didn't see any Turtle or Ari though. I began hoping Piven would show up. My first thought was "Celebrities hang out at the Roosevelt pool?" Then I thought of where they ranked as celebrities. I was torn between B or C list. As with most things I graded down to a C for two reasons. First, I could only remember Kevin Dillon's name. Second, would my family know who they were? If my family would recognize them that bumps them up to B list. If they could name the actually actors name and two things they've been in then that puts them up to A. It's not fool proof but works in a pinch. Still, not even being a huge fan of the show I found it kind of cool seeing Drama walking around. Then James Franco walked in, who fits into B list I think. Then I saw this guy, who I couldn't begin to come up with a name or anything he's been in. I do remember always thinking "How the hell did this guy get on TV?"

So, if you happen to be in LA and want to see some minor celebs, I suggest the Roosevelt Hotel. Of course you have to have a hotel room to get poolside, but it's the price you pay to see blips on the celebrity radar.

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