Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Ben I!

Along with celebrating Mother's Day, our family celebrates our mother's gift to us: my brother Ben I. Thirty years ago, an ornery little squirt was brought into this world. Looks wise we were complete opposites, but we enjoyed the same things. We watched TV.

Played in the leavesLucky for me, Mom never dressed me like a sailor.
For many years after that we were the dynamic duo.
Don't be deceived by Ben I's stature. Back in the day, he was a wolverine when it came to fights. Sure his fuse was a little short when he was young, but his heart was in the right. His early fights were always in my defense or a friends. In South Carolina, we ran the "circle" once we showed up. We built forts and tunnels out in the woods. We once got lost for almost two hours. That might have been my fault, but I still think it was the other kids' fault for running off and leaving us behind.
Anyway, even up through high school we still would still go play by the railroad tracks, and spend the late night hours of summer just being brothers. Eventually, I had to go to college, and I came back to find a mature and confident little brother. He was no longer my little sidekick. He had his own entourage of friends. Then some girl named Jaime kept hanging around too.
One day I was driving Ben and myself from Dad's house to Mom's. He was in his first year of college and I was languishing in my after college life. We were shooting the shit, when Ben matter of factly said he was married to that Jaime girl. After the initial shock and a swear to secrecy, I was honored that I was the first family member to know. I will always remember that.

While my hair got thinner, his got longer. He and Jaime also added to our family. He gave Mom her first grandkid. Okay, Jaime did most of the work. There was nothing like seeing Mom with Moira and eventually Evie.Thirty years have passed and I'm proud to call Ben my brother. Through the years we survived the crazy guy on the motorcycle, babysitter Peggy, brotherly arguments, and numerous fireworks mishaps, and I wouldn't change a thing. Happy Birthday little brother. I leave you with one of Ben I's early moments of zen.


Ben said...

Wow, I'm teary-eyed! It's all so true! By the way everyone's been eulegyzing me lately you'd have thought I died or something. Do you know who that girl is I'm dissing in that last picture? Can I be any more random?

MOL Junior said...

did ben go to "motherboy" and compete with the bluthe's in that sailor outfit?

bobby said...

Gotta get me one of those Wide World of Sports shirts.
Happy Birthday, Brad's brother.

Ben said...

I tried the "motherboy" competition, but they wouldn't let me in...btw don't knock the sailor suit, all the chicks dig 'em. That's how I met a woman who finds short skinny white guys attractive.

Bradford said...

The sailor suit is one of favorite pictures of Ben. He has the cute cry-pout going on and clearly doesn't want to be there. And I have that robotic stare while completely ignoring my brother's pain. I was hoping someone would come up with a "motherboy" comment. Thank you MOL Jr. for coming through. I think the girl is kid from an old family friend. Dad would know.