Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ramblings (President’s Day Edition)

Two small baseball things:

Have you seen any superstar athlete drop as fast as Sammy Sosa? I’m not speaking of only his skills but in the opinion poll of the fans. The biggest contract he was offered was for $500,000. He's declined it and it appears he will retire. My question: Does anyone care that Sosa might retire? If this had happened two years ago there would’ve been a parade and every visiting ballpark would’ve said goodbye to Sammy. Funny what a corked bat and steroids speculation can do to a Hall of Fame career. (I feel like I've written this exact same thing before.)

For all those who were concerned that Corey Patterson might actually turn it around in Baltimore and show up the Cubs, I offer up this quote from the Tribune:

"Everyone meant well," Patterson said. "But sometimes you have to do your own thing. I don't point any fingers or say it was anybody's fault. I blame myself. You have to mentally be yourself. You have to be consistent. When you start changing, things go badly."

Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the exact same excuse he’s used the previous two years. Good riddance.

Okay let’s make it three baseball things:

The word of an “illness” during the winter keeping Prior off-track does scare the hell out of me. The Cubs say it has nothing to do with his arm. Sounds like the normal Cubs PR spin. There is something fishy going on.

With last weeks Valentine’s Day it has now been 34 years that I have yet had to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This isn’t said for sympathy or bragging it’s simply an odd occurrence. For some reason (perhaps the last couple posts?) I’ve either haven’t had a girlfriend or my girlfriend and I that time were taking a break. I’ve actually done more for my friends and their girlfriends than for my romantic interests. For example, I once dressed as Waldo and hid in the mall with flowers for one of my dorm mate’s girlfriends.

This weekend the local news had a bumper talking about the “cold hitting the south land” and how long will it last? This meant that we had rain and it hit maybe a little bit below 40 for the low. Meanwhile MOL Nation is covered in ice. How can the LA people even think of complaining?

Monday, I made the trek up to North Hollywood to see “The Matador” with Bobby. The Matador is a comedy about a sleazy facilitator (assassin) who meets a family man who has had a few bad years of luck. It’s a very enjoyable and funny film. Brosnan is wonderfully sleazy. It’s the first movie in some time that fulfilled that movie fix I keep looking for.

Speaking of movies, I finally got around to seeing “Project Grizzly.” It came recommended by We Will Eat You. It’s a doc about a guy who has spent years trying to build this Grizzly proof suit. Thing is he has no expertise in Grizzlies or anything (except maybe Bowie knives). I would say this falls along the lines of Hands on a Hard body. Not as many quotable lines, but still enjoyable. This is not to be confused with Grizzly Man. They would though make a great double feature.

Thanks to all those who either watched Goodness on iFilm or at least thought about it. Episode 3 reached over 1,000 views in about four days. Why eps 1&2 have less than that I have no idea.

Finally, to once again prove not only what kind of geek I am, but how old I am. This is one of my first TV crushes. Does anyone recognize her? Of course the dude in the picture should at least give away what show it is. Right? Ever since my George McFly reference fell on unknowing ears, I've questioned the relevance of my pop culture knowledge.


Keymaster said...

If you dressed as Waldo for another man's girl what did he dress up as?
I finally saw Saint Ralph this weekend. It was amazing.

bobby said...

Most movies are better when you see them with me. (This is the most MOL thing I've ever said. And it felt good.)

Bradford said...

Keymaster: It does seem odd that I'm the one that did all the "work" for him, and he gets the benefits.
I would also like to point out that the rebel flags were not mine, but my roommates.

Anonymous said...

What about that v-day circa 1993 when you bent Nancy over the microphone at WSRN and screamed, "This year, I'LL be your valentine."? :)

Anonymous said...

The South's Gonna Rise Again.

O.K. maybe not...

Did I really hang that many confederate flags?

Bradford said...

Anonymous #2: If you are really Eric. Welcome aboard and how the hell did you find my blog?
Anonymous #1: Welcome aboard as well. How can two Cedarville people find my blog on the same day?

Anonymous said...

From anonymous #1. Can you confirm or deny the rumored events on V Day 1993?

I don't know maybe it was Marne and I'm just confused.

Or maybe it was Lem and Nancy and you weren't involved at all. Or maybe it was all just nasty rumors flying around the Gavelyte like a stiff winter wind on the Ohio plains.

That's just how shit went down in those days.

I can confirm for you that Anon #2 is Eric. I clued him into your blog which I stumbled across yesterday. I couldn't resist pointing out the veiled reference to him...and the heirloom quality photo of his old room...with a sweet view of Rt. 42. He's such a lovable, chubby little hillbilly. I hate it when he throws in the La Bouche CD though. But, hey, that's how he rolls. Good on him.

Bradford said...

Anonymous #1 (Lenhart?): That whole night of V Day 1993 is somewhat fuzzy. It might have been the wine coolers. I do remember waking up in front of "the rock" with a dandelion tucked behind me ear. I know it wasn't Marne because that was everyone else but me that night.

Adam said...

ROLFMAO at your comments about that special night. I had actually forgotten about "the Rock".

I am Adam, you have outed me. Long story about how I got to your blog. I'll expoound later.

Those were the days...well, not really.

Blog on. I've enjoyed reading.

BTW, any chance "H" is going to end up by the rock with a dandelion in his ear after a night on South Beach with Calleigh? Just wondering.

Hang on Sloopy.

Bradford said...

God (H) does not lay with mortals.

faith said...

The only V day I had a bf I ended up doing everything and he did nothing...I sent him flowers, took him for dinner etc. I actually enjoyed having someone to do something for, but it would have been nice if he actually gave me a card...or anything...