Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Official Crappy Throwaway T-shirts

Since I was in junior high I’ve always wanted to design a T-shirt. My dream project in high school was my “Skate and Die!” T-shirt line. I drew various pictures of skateboards dying in absurd ways. Think Kenny from South Park only replace Kenny with a skateboarder. Because of my limited funds I was unable to even make a few T-shirts let own start a whole line. Then girls, music, and girls got in the way. My dream of making a T-shirt was put on the backburner. A few years ago I even tried to get Goodness T-shirts and hats made. That fell through as well. But now the dream has been slightly fulfilled. Thanks to, I can say I’ve designed a T-shirt. I’m not completely ecstatic about the design, but it kind of works. I’m still working on something a little bit cooler.

If you would like one, (Whoo! Ha! Ha!) the link to the store is on the left under links. They are selling at cost. I didn’t mark them up or anything. You know a MOL Nation T-shirt might be pretty cool.

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