Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let Me Get this Straight…

In the biggest blockbuster trade since Gretzky went to the Kings, ESPN traded broadcaster Al Michaels to NBC for the following:

1. Rights to broadcast Friday’s Round of the Ryder Cup.

2. Longer Olympics, Notre Dame football, Kentucky Derby and Preakness highlights till 2011.

And…the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Apparently Oswald is the first character Walt Disney produced. Somehow Universal owned the rights. Oswald is now back home with Disney.

I assume if ESPN asked NBC to take Stuart Scott it would ended any trade talk. Again, I only assume. Perhaps they could’ve traded away any WNBA highlights?

This trade pretty much opens up a ton of possibilities in big time trades for the entertainment industry. Here are some possibilities.

Britney Spears trades hubby Federline for just a trace of dignity.

Halle Berry trades in her Oscar so that Catwoman can be wiped from public’s memory.

Cubs Fans trade Superfan Jim Belushi to University of Kentucky for Superfan Ashley Judd. Kentucky also receives a supply of Chicago dogs and Old Style.

I trade my balding for Jiff’s receding hairline.

This just in UK has just cut Jim Belushi.

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