Friday, March 09, 2007

Screw It!

I realize I could be ruining a great thing but I have to write a little on this latest run Spurs have been on. Since losing to a bottom end club in Sheffield United early in March, Spurs have been playing some very enjoyable and brilliant football. It began with a trouncing of Fulham (4-0) at Fulham to send them to the quarterfinals of the FA cup. They then followed that up with a 2-1 win over Everton at Everton where the club showed they were not happy with a draw and just kept attacking. They scored the winning goal in the 89th minute of the match. (There are 90 minutes not including injury time.) That is two victories away! Before that Spurs had only won one match away from White Heart Lane. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they go on to beat Bolton 4-1 which is amazing considering they played part of the first half and all of the second half down a man. Then. Then! In what is probably one of the games of the season, Spurs beat West Ham 4-3. West Ham desperately needed to win in order to try to avoid relegation, and they played like it jumping to a 2-0 lead after the first half. Spurs were then able to tie it up only to fall behind again when West Ham scored in the 85th minute. Yet, somehow Spurs were not only able to tie it up in the 89th minute, but eventually won the game with a brilliant counter in injury time. I've never experienced watching my team put the dagger into another. It's always been the other way around. Here though Spurs came from behind in brilliant fashion to basically solidifying the fact the West Ham will be relegated next season. There were players crying on the pitch, and it wasn't my team. I'm still amazed by that. Finally yesterday, Spurs again scored in the closing minutes of the match in the first leg of their UEFA Cup last-16 clash against SC Braga in Portugal.

The club has played some very enjoyable ball, but the club has really begun to score. A lot of this credit goes to the fact that Martin Jol has found the two strikers he wants to stay with. Those two strikers are the same ones I've been say should be teamed up since the beginning. Berbatov and Keane have been fantastic. Robbie Keane is a fan favorite and it's clear why. He's not the fastest man on the pitch but he can control the ball, and put in anywhere he wants. So, Keane really isn't a surprise. Seeing Dimitar Berbatov, who just signed this season with Spurs, adjust to Premiership's style of soccer has been a thrill to watch. The Bolton match is when Berbatov seemed to put it all together and caused people to take notice. Keane was sent off with a red card leaving Berbatov as the lone striker. He completely took over the game and kept Bolton's defense on it's heels. I don't know shit really about soccer, but even I could tell his play was amazing. He was the one who scored the third goal to tie West Ham. In the 89th minute he scored on a free kick at the cusp of the penalty box. He was able to place it perfectly over the wall of defenders and into the net. I've probably jinxed the whole team now, but it's been a thrill watching them play, and to see Berbatov come into his own in this league.

Finally, I need to talk about one of the genius shows on Fox Soccer Channel. That's right I said Fox Soccer Channel. Actually Sky Sports actually does it, and FSC just replays it. Anyway, for the football matches they place a fan of each team in a box to comment on the game. It basically boils down to guys making fun of each other and their team. You add the British accent and it is genius television. I just watched the West Ham and Spurs match, and it's really just amazing and hilarious. FSC I think picks the best match of the week to rebroadcast, because I'm certain not all of them are this good. The West Ham supporter was simply a riot, and I only understood half of what he said.

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Jeff said...

I enjoy your passion for this "team" and yet, for me, it's a little like reading about someone's made-up video game Madden Football team marching through video game play-offs.

Though, again, your passion rouses me.

But not in a dirty way.