Monday, March 26, 2007


It's funny how one weekend can completely ruin your NCAA brackets. At the beginning of the week I was set with only two of my teams missing from the Sweet Sixteen and I didn't have the two teams out of it going very far. Now? All I have is Georgetown left and I have them only making the final not winning it. I'm not even close to winning now. The good news is that after the Buckeyes won two games that had no business winning they played their best game of the season against Memphis. Of course, that was only in Elite Eight. Can the Buckeyes do it again against Georgetown, who have their own big man to counter Oden? Also, there is now a possibility of the Buckeyes playing Florida for the National Championship in basketball this time. If that happens, I hope the Buckeyes can get some revenge. If not, I'm never going to Florida again in my life. Unless work gives me a free trip to Miami some time in my life. So I guess I won't ever pay to go to Florida again in my life.

One week till the Cubs opening day. The excitement and anticipation of great things should last maybe a month.

Throughout history, television has given us plenty of wonderful TV moms from June Cleaver to Clair Huxtable to Marge Simpson. Well there's a new mom to add to the list: Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights. She is clearly the rock of not only her family, but the high school where she is the school counselor. Is she perfect? No, but she keeps trying. She admitted her struggle when her teenage daughter told her she wanted to have sex. Eventually, she realized she had to trust that her daughter would make the right decision. When she realized she jumped to judgement about one of her daughters friends, she admitted her mistake and is now working to help the girl get on her feet. Most of the time she's right on the money which why her husband the coach relies on her to be his best friend, wife, and counselor. She's smart, funny as hell, and yes sexy. She's my favorite TV Mom to appear on the tube in awhile.

Veronica's father from Veronica Mars is probably the best TV Dad.

Tomorrow morning for the first time ever I'm going to a therapist. I have two concerns. First, for some reason I scheduled it in the morning. I don't start functioning till 1:00pm. How am I supposed to work with a therapist before then? Second, I am skeptic of most therapist. Remember in Good Will Hunting when Will went to all those therapists and was a smart ass to all of them? I'm too considerate to go to that extent, but there's a good chance I'll be a smart ass and throw a wall up. Mandy though helped me pick what I think is one of the good ones...I hope. The other option was simply too attractive.

Watching Kings of Leon perform on Letterman, I've realized they are the new Collective Soul. That's not a compliment.

I'm saving my whole rant detailing how ripped off I was by Stephanie Edwards getting the boot from American Idol for tomorrow. It's ridiculous!

The snobbiest thing I did over the weekend was watch Louis Malle's "Elevator to the Gallows." When someone asks what you Netflixed how can you not sound like an ass when you say Elevator to the Gallows directed by Louis Malle?

Am I the only one excited about the final episodes of Sopranos starting soon? Yeah, me neither.

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bobby said...

I can't hear the word therapist without thinking of Woody Allen and all his genious therapy jokes. ("I went to a strict Freudian. If you committed suicide, he made you pay for the sessions you miss.") Then the second thing I always think of when I hear the word therapist is Darryl Hammond's Sean Connery: "I'll take The Rapist for a hundred Alex." "That's... therapist."