Monday, December 18, 2006

Where the Hell is My Psi-Ops 2?

Back in June 2004, Midway released a third person shooter where your character not only shoots the standard guns but has psionic powers that develop as the game goes on. You can throw people, crates, and propane tanks around. You can shoot fire from your hands. There's the nice mind control ability, and finally a vision to see through doors and walls.

Story wise it's a standard video game story where you are dropped into a group of evildoers with their own psionic powers. Their leader your formal general who helped you develop your powers. Of course you have to stop him, but you've been brain wiped and can't remember anything about your past. blah. blah. blah.

The fun had in this game was what came across at first as a gimmick: the psionic powers. The developers were smart enough to create each level like a personal playground where you can use your powers to destroy the enemy in numerous ways. Furnace doors are oddly left open so you can fling soldiers to barbecue. One level where you go through a factory with conveyor belts and flames and crushing machines seems designed to see how creatively destructive you can be. There are a ridiculous amount of propane tanks lying around to create exploding fire balls when needed. There's nothing like sending a soldier into a propane tank so that it explodes which send the flaming soldier off into a couple other soldiers. It's all about the mixing and matching your powers, guns, and the environment to your destructive tendencies. It even had great boss fights. Take the ripped off King Pin character that launches tanker trucks and semi trailers at you. It wasn't a perfect game with it's crappy camera, and appear out of nowhere enemies, but it was fun, and was a solid step in the right direction. So where's my damn sequel?

With a solid gameplay base to keep building upon, why stop at just one game? With this next generation think of all the possibilities with fully destructible environments. Think of the combos when applying the psionic powers to that fully destructible environment. How sweet would it be to send a car into a watch tower that causes the watchtower to collapse onto a tanker that explodes and destroys a wall you need to get through. You can then throw the broken pieces of the wall at soldiers, or toss soldiers that caught on fire into another car or truck with soldiers and blow that up. The combinations are endless. How could this not be a game that would be fun to develop? What are you thinking Midway? I should already be playing PSI-Ops 3 by now. Let's get on this.

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Anonymous said...

dude so true the game kicked ass and when i saw the the ending i almost pissed myself becase i was so excited for part 2 to come out. If there part 2 does come out, i would love to play part 1 again then play part 2. keep fightin the war for part 2(so will i)
Chris Smith