Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ramblings (Pre-Chri-er I Mean Holiday Edition)

Only 3 days left till break!

This weekend was a rather pleasant weekend even though my head felt like it was a double stuff.

Saturday was two shot event. The early afternoon was spent at the Haynes, who are perhaps the nicest people on the planet. Bobby and I got to chat and drink root beer and hot cider while co-workers Jen and Megan decorated Christmas cookies with the Haynes' cousin Chelsea. Apparently my provision of the Holiday music was enough for me to reap the benefits of eating the "broken" cookies. How's that for getting in the festive mood? Christmas cookies, hot cider, music, and friends. The temperature even got kind of chilly for LA.

The night time was spent karaoking at co-worker Tamara's birthday party. This was my first time in one of those rented karaoke rooms. Actually, this was my first time on the mic in LA. A couple thoughts: I know karaoke is much more popular within the Asian population, but do we need three pages of Jap-pop to every US popular song? I was slightly disappointed and confused by their selection. I'll admit I was tempted but there is no reason for me to have the option of six Stryper songs. Six! Yet, none of them were "To Hell With The Devil." I would like to take a little bit of credit for getting a few more people involved. At first it was only Tamara, Ildy, and her husband Tim singing. Tamara is really good singer so it's difficult to follow her act. I know I tried to avoid it. Ildy's really good too, and Tim has the charm to pull off anything. But not till I croaked my way through a song did others feel more confident to join. See, my suckiness can be an encouragement. For those that missed the event, you missed me belting out "Sweet Caroline," "Copacabana," and "Centerfold." Did I mention I did this all with a head inflated by a head cold?

Sunday morning I went to church. To my surprise they were recognizing the Lord's Supper for the second time this month. Usually, it's the first Sunday of every month, but I guess for Christmas they recognize it twice. That's fine with me, except that I'm fairly uncomfortable with my church's process. They have everyone pull from a loaf and then dunk it in wine. That means I'm taking a bite from something thirty people have probably already grabbed. Does nobody else have a problem with this? Can't I recognize the Lord's Supper in sanitary ways? Fortunately, I was on the tail end of my cold cycle which always leads me to feeling a little bit invincible. Usually, I fear all germs but for a good two to three days I fear nothing!

I returned home to see my Tottenham Hotspurs earn their first away win against Manchester City. After a rough start to the season, Spurs have really turned it on recently. They have yet to lose in UEFA Cup and have won four of their last five in the Premiership. I'll admit I still hardly know anything about the league, but I'm learning. I'm also excited about the next five months of Spurs football. COYS!

I've realized what I need for me to really like a show. There needs to be moments where I say "Oh shit!" about every three or four episodes. I realized this watching the last episode of Dexter. There's nothing like watching a show about the life of a vigilante serial killer. It's a solid show. There's good acting, above average writing, and it's shot well. But, there were maybe two moments during it's short season that really grabbed me. Which is surprising because it's a show about a vigilante serial killer on Showtime. Most of the twists just felt lackluster or obvious. Actually, I just think shows like The Shield, 24, Lost, and Heroes has ruined it for me. Will I give it another chance? Sure. I'm still intrigued to see where they take it now.

No it's time to survive the next three days of work. We have to have a first draft of an episode by Wed. and I'm not sure we even have a story fully broke yet. Whoo Hoo!


faith said...

I say the 'oh shit' thing for 'Prision Break', but nothing else right now.

Jess said...

Maybe I'm easy to please, but Dexter has had me totally hooked all season. I have last night's episode waiting for me at home and I can't wait to go watch it!

I actually think Lost is lackluster, obvious, and tries way too damn hard. J.J. Abrams needs to learn how to concentrate on one show and make it awesome instead of abandoning it for others and then having them all be boring.

However, Heroes is the most awesome show ever. I cannot wait for it to come back!!!!

thefamousgrouse said...

"Oh the sweetest winds they blow across the south..."

I bet it was beautiful...