Sunday, December 31, 2006

One More Time!

Let's try this again. I'm currently sitting in Logan Airport after the short hop of a flight from Bangor. During that short flight I searched all the in-flight magazines to see what my movie will be on my flight to LA. Nothing. Dear American Airlines please put your in-flight movie info available. If it's Flicka again there will be consequences. Maybe not. I could see how it ends this time.

A couple thoughts on Maine:

Where are the moose? Yesterday morning (by morning I mean 2am) I drove my sister Anne to the airport for her flight. That gave me two hours there and two hours back of driving in the dark of night. Isn't that when the moose come out to play?

During the drive back, I stopped for gas at the only place open at that time. As I pumped the gas, some kid drove up, got out and started pumping gas into his car. Problem is the car was still running. I was going to say something, but some other guy started asking him if he saw that buck on the road. So, they kept chatting while I was wondering why someone isn't saying it's dangerous to pump gas with the car running. Then the station attendant comes out. Did he say anything? Nope. He just joined their conversation. I forgot what they ended up talking about because I was looking for that emergency switch for the pump. I realized I was the only sane person among the four standing out there. I decided it would be best to just leave, so I stopped pumping gas and just left. For the first three miles I kept glancing in my rear view mirror for the fireball lighting the night sky. Never happened.

Brief recap of the break outside of the pictures: From the day I got there to about the 26th the temperature was pretty mild. Then around my birthday it became freezing cold. In case you didn't notice the my stepfather's house isn't completely finished yet. So, not only was it freezing outside but it was freezing inside. I wore my burka for five days straight. I even slept in it.

I'd also like to let the family know that once you left the bath water was no longer brownish.

My favorite quote of the break came from my four year old niece, Evie. At the dinner table one night she just said in a Samuel L. Jackson style, "It's alright baby, I made a mistake this morning." Apparently, this is from some out takes in some Star Trek special features. She was quoting Spock in a Samuel L. Jackson voice. Of course we kept trying to get her to repeat it the rest of the week.

Last night we went to the Calais movie theater to see "Night at the Museum." I will never ever complain about a movie theater again. Not only was it freezing in there. Not only was it a ridiculously small screen. Not only was it the size of a studio apartment, but it had one measly speaker set up front. There are home theater set-ups better than this. Still, it was an experience.

I'm paranoid right now about my comment above about the consequences and Flicka. Can't I be arrested for such things? I'm tempted to delete it.

I'm sitting outside the gate because I can't go 3 hours without one cigarette. To my left is a case with things that you shouldn't bring on the plane. In that case is a car battery, bag of charcoal briquettes, a gasoline canister, a paint can, and an old computer monitor. Are we a country of morons. Is there someone who walks by this display and realizes they shouldn't have packed that car battery or that Easy Off oven cleaner? Sweet, someone was trying to be funny and they made a label for the paint can called "I Don't Fly Paint Company." Dear American Airlines, leave the comedy to the professionals.

Bobby when are you coming in? I need to plan picking you up at the airport around my plans to see Pan's Labyrinth.

Jiff, I think you would've enjoyed the late night drive through Maine.

In a couple days I'm buying my HDTV. I've been daydreaming about chainsawing something in Gears of War in glorious HD.

I'm going for a smoke. Catch you on the flip side.

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Jiff said...

YES. I know I would have enjoyed that IMMENSELY. I loves me the backwoods roadtrips.

Actually, a couple months ago, I got lost in the woods driving and realized it was time to turn around when I almost hit an elk moose. MASSIVE.

Viva vacatione!