Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ten Minutes Till Boarding

My tooth is killing me. It began on the airplane. It must have to do with the altitude because I've only felt something like this when I drove through the mountains. Now that I'm back on the ground, we are good to go. In forty minutes I'll be back in someone's jabbing a needle in my tooth.

Some moron just set off some alarm.

We are up to forty-one on the Red Sox garb.

Some guy is walking around with a CSI hat on. I can't escape it.

Can there really be this many people going to Bangor? It always suprises me that so many people need to travel to the same place at the same time. Of course this is probably the only flight to Bangor today. Still.

For once I'm in a boarding group lower than 4. One day I'll be in group 1. we all have dreams.

I'm waiting to crash since I haven't really slept since 9 this morning. Still going strong. Group two. Almost kind of there.

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