Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Screw it. I'm Seeing It.

Look, is it probably going to suck? Yes. Does anyone think this movie will actually be any good? At least it can't be worse than the fifth movie. Can it? At first I thought there's no way in hell I'm going to see that obvious attempt to cash in on nostalgia. I was adamant. Then I saw a trailer. Still wasn't completely sold till...that music kicked in. The music won me over that I kind of got excited. My mind began to completely ignore the bad dialogue, and the preposterousness of it all. I felt like a little kid again all because of the music. Now, I'm kind of excited about the whole movie. It's Rocky dammit! So sign me up. I'm seeing it. It's funny what a little overture can do to change my mind.


faith said...

oh oh...I have a saying, "great sound trac, bad movie" This isn't always true, but can often be so. I look forward to the reveiw.

Ben said...

We are now grinning from ear to ear. The theme from Rocky perfectly expresses all that is good in the universe.

Jiff said...

A) I agree. I'm tempted by this film. A good Newsweek review helped sway me.

B) Though I have to take issue with the poster picture you've posted (how's that for a sentence)? I saw this in the lobby of my local flicker show house and I was GREATLY DISTURBED at the placement of the letters in BALBOA. The B is butted RIGHT AGAINST the black border and the A barely touches it. I do a fair amount of graphicy-design work in my job and I see that and just go, "Um... what?" All that is required to correct this is a simple and slight font size downgrade. Takes a full second to do and your poster looks professional. Come on, Rock.