Friday, September 08, 2006

Please Don't Call Me at the Following Times on Saturday:

9:00-10:50am* - My Tottenham Hotspurs will be playing league leader Manchester United. Spurs are currently 1-2, and were shutout in their two losses by teams they shouldn't have lost to. Now they are playing one of the powerhouses who are 3-0. Not good. Also, not good is that Spurs will be playing without there recently signed striker, Berbatov, who is out with a groin injury. The good is that team captain, Ledley King, will be in action after missing the first three games of the season. There is more to be happy about though, as the Spurs brought back striker Mido, and added fullback Chimbonda at the transfer deadline. It's been two weeks with no Spurs matches, and I've been going through withdrawal. I also get to wear my new shirt, since King is coming back.

5:00-9:00pm* - My The Ohio State Buckeyes (currently ranked #1) go to Austin to play the Texas Longhorns (currently ranked #2). To say I'm absolutely confident that the Buckeyes will walk out with a win, would be a lie. In fact, I'm so nervous about this game I'm not saying anything else.

Feel free to call me anytime between then. Just don't call my home phone because I never answer that.


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