Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bits O' Music

That's right kids! I dusted off the old Bits O' Music segment. Fortunately, the American Single segments will stay buried.

You might be asking why I would dust off such an old segment. First off, thank you for asking. Secondly, the reason is I received a package today from Sweden. You might have remembered me posting a video almost four weeks ago showing a group of Swedes singing about bringing us love. Well, that Monday I placed an order to Sweden for I'm From Barcelona's "Let Me Introduce My Friends." Twenty-four days later I found the CD in my mailbox. I put the CD in my player around 9 and I've been listening to it since.

I'm From Barcelona is more than just a collective of art school Swedes goofing around. Ok it kind of is, but they've also written 11 brilliant indie pop songs. Actually, they've written twelve because even the hidden track is great. Using every instrument they could get their hands on, IFB have created orchestral pop songs for everyone to sing along to. This is the kind of album that is made to brighten those Monday mornings or to celebrate those lazy weekends with your close friends. With only one song truly exceeding the three minute pop song curfew, the sweetness never overstays it welcome.

I was debating what song to post because they are all worthy. Do I go with the joys of stamp collecting or "Oversleeping?" Maybe the hand clap and piano bounce of "Rec & Play" is the way to go? Well, I decided on "Chicken Pox." Why? Because associating the childhood illness of chickenpox with being in love is pretty genius. I also like the sad little clarinet in the song and the whistling. I also linked to their myspace page that has other songs and their videos. I also linked to a store on this continent that sells the album. Enjoy and smile.

I'm From Barcelona-Chicken Pox-let me introduce my friends

I'm From Barcelona's myspace page.

Buy the album here, and not have to wait nearly a month to get it.

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The Sound and the Fury said...

I like it...Kind of reminds me of a cross between Sleepy Jackson and the Polyphonic Spree...