Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't Anger the Board!

1. Dominic (Dodger Fan) puts a Cubs cursed picture on the board - The Dodgers lose after the Cubs give them a seven run cushion.

2. Dominic removes picture - Dodgers win

3. Dominic puts the 1969 picture of the black cat at Shea Stadium - Dodgers lose again in late innings.

4. Dominic puts a picture of his Miami Dolphins on the board - My Bills shut out his Dolphins at Miami.

5. Dominic removes picture - Dodgers beat Padres by hitting back to back to back to back home runs in the ninth.

Don't Anger the Board.


Bradford said...

Comments test

Jaime said...

Ooo, I'm so glad you said that because I want to test my own ability to comment on other blogs. Here goes!