Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I apologize for the small gap between posts. I got a new cell phone and I have been distracted with creating ring tones out of my MP3's. It's a very daunting task trying to decide what song fits each person in my contacts. I'm currently debating between "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" and "Copacabana" for MOL Jr. Thanks to the freeware Audacity the actual editing has been pretty easy.

I have also been distracted by the constant barrage of close games that have taken place during March Madness. Of course George Mason sank any chance I had of winning the office pool. I was so close. I just needed UConn to win out. That's all I needed! Alas it was not to be. I was torn between rooting for the underdog and rooting for some extra spending money. Anyway, every time I sat down to write I'd hear the announcers scream about something, and of course I'd grab my Tivo remote to see what happened. Then I'd get sucked into the game and end up watching it till the end. That's excuse No. 2.

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector made a little over $7 mil on its opening weekend. Why and How? Come on people, you must know better. Of course this is coming from the guy who is going to pay money to see Slither. Maybe I should just shut up. I am also really looking forward to Brick which opens in LA and NY this weekend. That should be able to balance out Slither.

Another big weekend is coming up. I have another fantasy baseball draft, but there is something bigger happening this weekend. Wrestlemania! It's the only time I click the "buy now" button on my remote. Usually, it's not worth it even though it is the Super Bowl of wrestling. I will say I'm looking forward to the "Money in the Bank" ladder match. Watching the elderly Findlay and Ric Flair have to climb ladders could be highly entertaining or very frightening.

I've been playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence for the PS2 off and on. I've always been reluctant to pick it up because I'm not a big fan of the stealth games. But with it getting a crap load of great reviews I decided to pick it up used. I'm pretty impressed. There are still times that I just want to stop crawling in the weeds and shoot everything. The story and its characters are weird enough to keep me involved. I really didn't mind spending nearly an hour and a half trying to snipe one of the bosses. Especially since you are able to snipe the guy's parrot if you can find it.

One thing I still marvel at is how more open I am to other foods. Up until grad school I wouldn't think of eating Indian food. Now I can't get enough. I credit both my job and my selection in women. Being as accommodating as I am, I could never say "no" to where they wanted to eat. It kind of forced me into trying new things. Better than looking like a schmuck. I still may not like sushi, but I've tried it.

How long does balsamic vinegar dressing keep? I just realized I have two unopened bottles sitting on the shelf. They've been there almost a year and a half. That's probably not good.

I should probably take down my little Christmas tree too.


el lápiz pequeño said...

i think balsamic vinegar lasts a pretty good time ... if it's vinegarette on the other hand probably needs to be thrown out.

i just started eating sushi too due to dates. not even the rolls but the real deal. i was a LITTLE impressed by myself.

Jaime said...

Keep the balsamic vinegar. There are archaelogists out there eating salads with balsamic vinegar from the pyramids. Actually I think they also used it to mummify stuff, but don't think of that, just use it.

Jaime said...

I can't believe I misspelled archaeologist up there. I can't believe I actually wanted to be an English major once. I am a failure with a capitol F.

(I misspelled capital on purpose. I was going to leave it as a joke but I'm too insecure.)

Tim said...

Brad, Have you played the Godfather video game? Also, and I hesitate to ask...what's my ringtone?

Bradford said...

I have not played the Godfather game. I've heard good (not great) but good things about it. I haven't decided yet what your ringtone is. I take suggestions.

Tim said...

Hollerback Girl?

Bradford said...

I think I found one. I'll let you know if it works out.

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MOL Junior said...

believe it or not "copacabana" has been stuck in my head for the past week, i think because i've been craving taco cabana for the past week.

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