Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Early Favorite for Classic Song of 2006

It's only March, and I think I can safely say we already have a champ for Classic Song of 2006. Actually, I might not have the song, but I at least have the band: The Grass Roots. I'm really leaning towards "Temptation Eyes" which kick started the trip down memory lane when the DJ played it at the Twilight Singers show. I'm pretty sure they have the same DJ at all thier LA shows. At least it seems like it because at every show I end up hearing an "I Completely Forgot About That" song. I always leave with at least one song or artist scribbled on a napkin or something for me to download when I get home.

Anyway, I don't see "Temptation Eyes" being over thrown at any point this year. Though there is another Twilight Singers show coming up in the Summer. There are five Grass Roots songs in the player on the right.

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Jessica said...

Thanks for giving me downloading fuel.