Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good Gravy

Well, I planned on posting tonight. This is what actually happened:

-Saw that you could put a music player on my blog. I thought that'd be a good idea.

-An hour later I feel like a moron that I can't figure this crap out.

-I drive home.

-An hour and a half later after downloading two pointless programs I have an "Aha!" moment.

-Three seconds later it turns into a "Mother Hubbard!" moment.

-An hour later later I finally kind of understand.

-Finally I've done it, and realize it's "eh."

Anyway, this will probably be where I will be putting the "Bits O' Music" from now on. No more stupid downloading. They should just instantly play. Enjoy those that care. What's in the player now is a few songs from the Teenline series and some other songs I'm digging right now.


kerri said...


could you, by any chance....

tell me how to do it? :)

Lindsay A. said...

new favorite rock...I love new music

kerri said...

so i figured out the code, but still don't get how to make my own playlist.

Bradford said...

The rub when doing this with blogger is you have to have all your MP3's on on separate site.

I made the playlist in notepad using the code given on this site:
I did this on a PC, so I'm not certain about MAC. I also deleted the image lines in the code. You enter the location where the mp3 is stored, and the name. Then save it as a .xspf file. In notepad you have to type in the extension, there's no selection for xspf. Upload the playlist onto the server where you have your songs. Once you have the link, go to it will help you then create the code to put it on your site.