Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Maybe I Should Cut Back on the Video Games

I had another one of those crazy dreams last night. Yes, it involved video games. Now it wasn't me trying to escape some blue ghosts while I gobbled yellow pills. I wasn't avoiding barrels while I climbed scaffolding. I also wasn't blasting the Covenant with double SMG's. In fact it really wasn't based on any game at all. Well, maybe Resident Evil, but not really. The only similarity between my dream and RE is that it had zombies in it.

It began with me and a girl (I assume she was my girlfriend. It's my dream.) in the bottom floor of this mall with a pistol in hand. I didn't know why until a zombified security guard stepped out of the shadows of the decrepit mall. After dropping him with a bullet to the head, more and more zombies started creeping out of darkness. I quickly ran out of bullets and dragged my lady past the shoe section. I don't know why I distinctly remember the shoe section. Anyway, I hid my girlfriend. The rest of the dream consisted of me scouring the mall for weapons in an attempt to stay alive. That's what was made it so much like a video game. I would be running through the mall and stumble across a gun and ammo just sitting in the underwear section. There was a revolver, a shotgun, and a machine gun. I should also mention I must have been playing at the highest difficulty level because the number of bullets I would get was very small. The last weapon I found before I woke up was the grenade launcher. Of course the shells for it were on the other side of the mall. A nice touch that I seemed to add to these grenades was that they were on timers. On the back of each shell was a dial to the timer. It resembled one of those cooking timers. So, you'd set the timer and then shoot it into a wall that the zombies were congregating and run before it sent the whole floor crashing on you as well. Before I woke up, things got pretty hairy. I think I got rid of them all.

My point of this dream? I don't know. It means probably one of two things. Either I play too many video games, or I should've gone into developing video games because I can do it in my sleep.


bobby said...

It doesn't take Freud to find meaning in: "stumbling across a gun and ammo just sitting in the underwear section."

bobby said...

(Also the low ammo.)