Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's Now an Epidemic!

Thanks to an entertaining email conversation between me and my siblings another family member has joined the blogging community. Ben K has started a blog. Sure that's big news and reason to go check it out. The breaking into the middle of American Idol news though is that Bulie will be posting as well. Bulie is "a spirited 20-week old fetus with a penchant for swimming and an overly active exercise life." I'm going to take the credit for recommending that Bulie start blogging. As to what I'm hoping we will read from Bulie, I leave you with what I suggested in the email:

"I want the day to day life of Bulie in the womb. 'Mom, this kick is for eating Indian food last night.' 'I'm floating! I'm floating! This is just like 2001.' 'Coldplay...again?' 'Geez it's getting cramped in here.' That's just a sampling of what I'd like to read. Or podcasts from Bulie would be cool too. Just a few ideas I'm tossing out there. "


faith said...

Your family is so cool and strange! I love it!

kerri said...

omg. fetus blogging? that made my day!