Monday, March 13, 2006


So Saturday was the Twilight Singers Pre-SXSW show. It was at a small place called The Scene up in Glendale. The place only holds around 100 plus people which isn't bad for a concert like this. Of course there was a moment where it looked like I might not get in because they couldn't find my name on the will call list. I thought there was going to be an opening band, but apparently I was wrong. This meant I had to kill 3 hours in a bar by myself. Bob I wish you were there.

Anyway it was worth it. Dulli and company rocked it like they do. They have a new guitarist. I really liked their last guitarist, but the new guy won me over. Their new keyboardist on this tour Scott Bennett is the musical director for Brian Wilson. Yeah, I don't need to add anything else to that. The two cornerstones, Scott Ford on bass, and Bobby McIntyre on drums were outstanding as always. If Dulli ever replaces them I'd feel a little sad. But on to the important stuff. This concert was a warm up for their SXSW show and to debut songs for their new album. He performed six songs (*) from upcoming Powder Burns album. They all sounded great. My favorites came in the encore. Candy Cane Crawl had Dulli in full on soul man mode. Considering is was in the hospital two days before for some unstated reason, he gave it all. That's the thing with Dulli he will always give you his best show. There were sometimes his voice seemed to fail him, but he still tore through the set like a man posessed. They then went into Underneath the Waves which was a straight up rock n roll. Dulli lead the song off by saying "keep your hands up, you won't regret it." He was right. It should also be noted that they didn't play a single Afghan Whigs song. I really didn't mind not hearing them. The Twilight Singers catalogue has become so strong the Whigs songs aren't necessary. This week I put some of my favorite Twilight Singers songs in the player. They have one of the new songs up on their myspace page.

3/11/06 Setlist-Glendale, CA - The Scene (from

toward the waves*
i'm ready*
esta noche
too tough to die
teenage wristband
bonnie brae*
dream on/love
annie mae
that bird sings
early today(and later that night)
martin eden
decatur st.
forty dollars*

candy cane crawl*
underneath the waves*
the twilite kid

This might be my favorite time of year in sports, with March Madness and the beginning of baseball season. Sunday I had my fantasy baseball draft. I'm pretty happy with it. I am a little short on pitching, but my bench is strong enough that I think I can swing a trade or two. There are a couple new things this year, since I switched over to yahoo. I like the designation of outfielders. You have to pick a RF, LF, and CF, not just a bunch of outfielders. I also like that Holds are being counted, and not just saves. Below is my team. We'll see how this turns out.

C: M. Barrett
1B: P. Fielder
2B: M. Giles
3B: A. Ramirez
SS: J. Rollins
LF: J. Bay
CF: J. Edmonds
RF: B. Giles
UTIL: M. Holliday
Bench: M. Jacobs, N. Johnson, R. Church, M. Murton

SP: B. Sheets
SP: C. Capuano
SP: D. Lowe
SP: A. Harang
RP: R. Dempster
RP: C. Reitsma
RP: S. Linebrink
P: M. Morris

I watched Sopranos last night. The most surprising thing was seeing Axl Rose at the Sopranos' premiere party.

And Corinne Marrinan's week just keeps getting better. After snagging an Oscar, her speech made an appearance on Best Week Ever. Perhaps I would win an Oscar if I didn't watch such pointless TV.

Speaking of pointless TV, I Love Toys ranked the hula hoop as the greatest toy ever. How can hula hoop beat out Legos? What can you do with a hula hoop except swing your hips and nearly choke yourself when you try to swing it around your neck. With Legos you can do anything.

The rest of my weekend was spent trying to find a good pair of earbuds for my Nano. I was tired of the crappy ones they give you. It's like having two speakers out of my '74 Maverick. So, I did a little research, and bough a pair. It's ridiculous how much I spent on them, but they are fantastic.


Jaime said...

At least if your only toy was a hula hoop you'd never get fat or have heart disease. If you only had legos, you might have a wonderful time but death would come early I'm sure.

faith said...

I love little pub shows...can't stand the big stadium shows any more...unless it's U2.

David said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Dave Rosser