Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Regret #239

Back in 1986, my father, brother, and I moved back to Columbus from South Carolina. My father got a job teaching, so we were finally moving out of Bob Jones country. The day we moved was a fairly memorable day. Everybody we knew was there helping us load up the truck. I walked the woods one last time. Jill kissed me goodbye in the storage closet in the back of the house. But we also left something behind. I remember making one quick walk through the house to see if I forgot anything. The first thing I noticed sitting there in the living room was the stereo console. I asked my father why we hadn't packed it yet. He said there wasn't any room, so we were leaving it. What?! This has been with us forever. This is what I listened to The Music Machine on. What about the Manheim Steamroller LP's Dad always listened to? We're taking the lawnmower but not the stereo? Even with all my questions I should have fought more to take it with us. I miss that old console stereo and the warm sound that would come from the speakers. Why didn't we keep it?

This regret has lead to me browsing craigslist every now and then to see if someone is selling one. Unfortunately we are in the day where Antique Roadshow and other programs have made everyone scared that they are going to make a mistake and sell something for the fraction of the cost. This means the cheapest solid build consoles are going for $400 at least out here. When you factor in the repairs and upkeep that will be needed it just isn't in my budget yet. Besides I sold all my LP's to afford to move out here. (Regret #361-Selling the LP's. Not the moving out here). Some day though it will happen. Maybe when I have kids, I can buy one. Then we can sit and listen to The Music Machine together, while we look at the pictures.

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