Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hanging With My Nerdies

For those who have a life, you might not be aware that a huge game was released Tuesday for the Xbox 360 called Gears of War. According to the hype machine this is the killer game that we have been waiting for. This is the game that fanboys would reference to prove how much better their system is. This is the game that represents true next gen video game. This is the game of 2007...apparently. Being easily persuaded by hype I thought I should probably get this game.

So, Tuesday night I went over to my local EB Games to "run in" and pick up the game. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one suckered by the hype because to my dismay there was a pretty big line winding out of the store and past the Chipotle next door. Now I have waited in lines like this twice in my life. Both times it was for an actual video game system on launch day, but never for just a video game. Since I have no life (It's not like I have to drive to Long Beach. Ha! Have I mentioned it only takes me ten minutes max to get home? I never have to even get on the freeway. I actually go the long way to work sometimes just to laugh at those sitting in traffic on the freeway. This will never get old.) Anyway, I waited in line for 45 minutes to pick up the Gears of War game.

Let me just say you can learn a lot waiting in line with a bunch of nerds. For example, the guy who got in line behind me showed off his limited edition Gears of War T-shirt. Yes there were people in line who got a little green with envy at this kid. Now to get this T-shirt he went to see an early screening the movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning where he also got to play the game for about five minutes. He bragged very much that he got to play the game before everyone else. Think about that for minute. He had to sit through a Michael Bay produced prequel to a remake (also produced by Michael Bay) and all he got was a T-shirt and five to ten minutes with a video game. I don't know if the glee in broadcasting this is the really sad part, or those that were actually impressed in the really sad part. No, maybe it was me still waiting in line.

The rest of my wonderful time was spent listening to people bragging that they got a PS3 or Wii preorder, and about the Legendary Edition of Halo 3 coming out in late 2007 that actually comes with a Master Chief helmet. A Master Chief Helmet! Wheeeeeeeeee! When has the actual game not been enough that a toy helmet makes full grown men act like a kid that just found their uncle's stash of Playboys? Look, I actually waited in line so I admit I'm a nerd. I love playing video games. The problem is there are those that place a little too much value on video games. They are the ones that reinforce their place in the world by calling a competing console a bunch of dirty words like a ten year old who just learned to swear. They are the ones that camp out 12 days for a new console. They are the ones that believe a high Gamer's Score means something in the real world. They are the ones that give video games a bad name.

I eventually bought the game and rushed out of the store with my head hung low and not making eye contact. Once home I enjoyed a good hour and a half of shooting shit. How is the actual game? It's awesome. Is it revolutionary? No. It's basically a third person shooter with some really nice tweaks. I love that you don't jump in this game. Instead you climb over barriers and actually use cover during firefights. Have I mentioned how much I hate the jumping in Halo? It also looks absolutely incredible.


faith said...

I had a dream about a week ago that I was playing video games with you.

This is ironic on many levels:
1) mainly because I suck and video games
2) I totally SUCK at video games.

I usually die in the first few seconds...which always makes me laugh, and quite honestly the funest part for me. Except the one time that I made it for about 2 min. and I was screaming 'go that way' or 'shoot that thing' to the screen. That was fun too. :P

thefamousgrouse said...

Is it really as good as they say? the preview made it seem a little gross...

Bradford said...

Oh it's really good. It is also pretty bloody even though you are basically fighting this underground creatures.

The Sound and the Fury said...

Actual exchange for you:

(I emerge from my office and see a bunch of folks gathered around one cubicle - I approach)

Me: What's is that? (pointing at a tin case with a skull on the front that is being passed around like the Holy Grail)

Geeks: Gears of War, hello?? (as if I'd just fallen off a turnip truck)

Me: Is it a video game?

Geeks: Yeah, it came out today. Supposed to be the greatest game of all-time.

Me: You guys are all a bunch of fucking dorks.

bobby said...

I'll admit, Bradford, when I clicked on the picture and read the subtitle, my crest fell. All I could think was "elaborate Frogger."

Jiff said...

Brad, have you secured the pumping station yet? You really should.

Great tale. I just spent a weekend with a buddy playing an old GameCube and STAR WARS LEGO: ORIGINAL TRILOGY. We had a blast. VERY funny and fun.

Bradford said...

The pumping station is secured. Star Wars Lego: Original Trilogy is fantastic.

I would like to point out I did in fact not purchase the collector's edition of Gears of War in that stupid tin.