Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Ok, ok, ok. It's been awhile since I posted. The reason is stated below. That reason has led to me writing little snippets over the past two weeks while at work. For those wanting pictures of my apartment, it's a studio apartment. What is there to photograph? I might have a solution though.

So I'm all moved in. I still have a bookcase, console table, and a couple lamps to buy, but other than that I'm all set. Oh and there's the DSL problem. It seems my order has been pushed back till the 27th of November. How can they expect someone to survive a month without DSL? This means no internet, I can't play my 360, and I have to use the phone line for my Tivo. It's like living back in 2002. Ridiculous. This has lead to me calling every day to see if the company has bumped up the date. I hate that I'm using annoyance to try to get what I want. Other than that the apartment is fantastic. Twice as much room as before, my own parking space, my cable company actually offers the MLB package, I actually have a nice view outside my window, and I can do laundry after 10 pm. This weekend I will make my rounds to all the restaurants in town to pick up their take out menus. I'm rating that as a 4 on the "sad scale." I did have some decent garlic pepper squid last night. I could see me being here for awhile.

One thing about the movers I hired to move my stuff. I highly recommend it. One problem is the sweat factor. I was impressed that one of the movers could lift my TV by himself. Then I realized he dripped sweat all over it. While setting everything up I kept getting a strong scent of sweat. After checking myself, I realized the smell emanated from the TV. I proceeded to clean the TV like no TV has ever been cleaned. It still another day for the scent to leave. Thank goodness for remotes.

I'm going to put my support behind the struggling new show "Friday Night Lights." It's better than half of the shows out there and is getting no viewership. Of course perhaps NBC shouldn't have given it a trial run time slot against CSI: Miami and MNF. No wonder you suck NBC. I'm amazed you haven't screwed up Heroes somehow.

I had dream last night that my wife and I adopted two little girls. The weird thing was that they were 3 year old versions of the girl from Mean Creek and Zooey Deschanel.

This also makes the fourth or fifth dream where I dreamt I was married yet never see actually see her in my dreams. One thing I learned in this dream is that if I ever have little girls my wife is going to have to be the disciplinarian. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be the pushover parent if I have little girls.

It really pained me to congratulate my father on his Cardinals being handed them the World Series. Man, I can't stand the Cardinals. It's nice to see that baseball's replacement for its resident "I'm so good I can treat people like crap" jackass currently held by Barry Bonds is coming along nicely in the form of Albert Pujols. What was up with him just appearing at the trophy presentation? He wasn't even the MVP of the series, and suddenly he just appears. Dude, a scrawny white kid beat you out for MVP. Go hang with the rest of your players.

Dear Cubs,
When you promise to spend big bucks this season to make a push in the talent starved NL, your first job should be keeping your All-Star 3B and not letting other teams have the opportunity to outbid you. Hendry's a moron. The Cubs can afford it so stop penny pinching and get the deal done.

One of my current D (maybe F) list celebrity crush is this young lady from CNET. She's cute and she works with gadgets. This is how short my list has been reduced.

I just want to take this time to reiterate how fantastic my new apartment is. Location, location, location.

I admit I am somewhat intrigued by Nintendo's Wii. I'm still not sold on the wiimote, but I might be beginning to come around to it. I just can't see it being something I would play alone. It feels like a party game. Not that that is a bad thing. I just don't know enough people that would feel comfortable in looking like an idiot while playing a video game.

This weekend (Nov. 4th-5th) I watched one of the best soccer matches I've seen in my short time as a fan. Spurs beat top flight club Chelsea for the first time in 16 years. No matter who won it was one those matches that makes someone a fan of soccer. It quickly received the green button of "Till I delete" status on my Tivo.

I can always watch Ghostbusters no matter at what point I catch it on cable. It easily fits into that top five along with The Natural, Road House, Hoosiers, and The Rookie.

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Jeff said...

Best soccer team name I've heard in awhile... South African team called "The Cleverboys."

By "The Rookie," I'm sure you don't mean the Eastwood/C. Sheen vehicle, right?

I love your ramblings. I'd read a new one of these entries, every day, given the option.