Thursday, November 30, 2006


Last night I determined it is time to upgrade my iPod. I'm pleased with my Nano, but I bought it thinking I would have no problem keeping just a 1000 songs that I wouldn't tire of listening to. I don't know what I was thinking. I've found myself trying to decide which great song I should not import to my Nano. It's like picking a favorite child. I have 20 GB of music and still have a bunch of old old CD's I've been too lazy to import. I think I need the 80 GB so I will have no room for error.

Do we really need Jessica Simpson to tell us that Direct TV has HD programming broadcast in 1080i? Maybe. But not once every hour.

Yesterday morning I was listening to Bob Costas on The Dan Patrick Show. Something needs to be done to get Costas back to announcing baseball games. He does a great job with the Olympics and the NFL, but he belongs doing baseball. NBC needs to loosen their contract or something so Costas can do baseball. This needs to happen.

I received my first Christmas gift of the season yesterday. It's monogrammed and for the first time I realized that with the initial of my last name in the middle, it spells "bId." I don't know how I feel about that.

You know. We don't need Jessica Simpson telling us that Direct TV broadcasts HD in 1080i.

This weekend is the first north London derby of the season between my Tottenham Spurs and the hated Arsenal. This match up is like Red Sox vs. Yankees or OSU vs. Michigan. This being my first season as a Tottenham supporter, I'm really looking forward to seeing this match. Unfortunately it's showing on some channel I don't receive. It's also at 4:30 in the morning out here, so there won't be any bars open to go see it. Sigh.

One negative thing about Christmas in LA is the response you get when you "accidentally" wish someone a Merry Christmas. Is there any other phrase wishing someone well in which people react like you just called their mother a whore? I realize "Happy Holidays" is the correct term to use, but I've had a difficult time adjusting and "Merry Christmas" slips out every now and then. I'm still wishing you people well, so please don't take such offense to it. Do you respond the same way at holiday parties when "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" plays? Do you only listen to Holiday Carolers? Ok, so nobody in their right mind would go door to door singing carols in LA. Still, can't you give me a little leeway? I'm trying to adjust to your nonspecific LA way of life.

This ad for a computer part is inappropriate in so many ways. (Taken from

Earlier this week it was colder here than it was in Ohio. Ridiculous.

Heroes has become my favorite show on TV. I'd also like to thank Veronica Mars for hopefully turning a corner and resolving the campus rape arch. It's was a tense and sub par beginning of the season. I hope this means a return to classic Veronica for the rest of the season.

Finally, Bobby and I killed one of the most disgusting bugs I've seen in my life. The bug was a Jerusalem cricket. It's huge, ugly, and took half a can of Raid to kill. Afterward, I did research to find out what kind of bug it was and came across some expert that was looking for live specimens. I immediately felt guilty for killing it. I ended up sending him pictures, and telling him that I found it already dead. Yes, I lied out of guilt. I warn you the following picture could easily give you a bad case of the willies.


Ben said...

OOOOH Big scary cricket! BOO! You killed Jiminy Cricket...big man in L.A. Well I hope you have yourself a happy Hannukah...

Jaime said...

Try Happy Solstice--great way to get women.

bobby said...

1. That photo does no justice to the size of the thing. It was a monster.

2. More Costas *anywhere*! No one puts sentences together like him. "While the plaintive cries of desperately ill men and women go unheeded."