Monday, April 30, 2007

Look People! I'm Never Going to Coachella! Never!

From January till around now I'm asked too many times to count if I will be going to the Coachella Music Festival. To those people the answer is no and will always be no forever and ever amen. I understand that you think my love for music would make me a shoo in to be a participant at Coachella, but you are wrong.

For those who perhaps don't know, Coachella is a three day event where around 100 artists perform on various stages. The artists range everywhere from Willie Nelson to The Roots to The Arctic Monkeys. It's a lot of decent to good bands and some crappy playing a lot of music. It's also a hell of a lot of people congregating in the desert where if you didn't know it is really hot. Why would I want to pay a crap load of money to hang out with a bunch a dirty sweaty people? I don't want to deal with that just to see a short set played by two maybe three bands that I really want to see. Give me small dark club with a hundred plus fans that really want to see one band instead of thousands of people in the high desert sun with the dust and sweat and the port-a-potties. I realize there are some of you that feel the need to congregate with a bunch of people and "feel the love and power of music." Well, I'm not one of them. So, I post this as a preemptive strike to those who might ask me later. I hate fake sharing your excitement for something that I would never do. Actually, you can add any outdoor festival to this post.


Tim said...

I was there this weekend, Brad. For the Sunday evening sets. It was hot and under the influence. So many people on so many substances. Well, just pot and alcohol, really.

Saw Crowded House (the reason we were there) and Air.

Port-a-potties were crazy.

The side shows were interesting.

And Brad, this wasn't for you. Not your style. Not mine, either, except that somehow, I had fun anyways.

Bradford said...

That would explain the concert audio on my voicemail when you called last weekend.