Friday, April 13, 2007

Example #294 That I'm Getting Old

For a wrap gift, the generous actors gave all the crew a gift certificate to Target. This left we with a debate on what to spend that gift certificate on. After much debating I gave in picked up Guitar Hero 2 for the 360. What led someone like me who isn't a fan of rhythm games pick up a rhythm game? Good question. The thing is this game starting with the first version for the PS2 had been touted as addicting as crack. Also, how can you turn down a game in which you simulate playing "Sweet Child O'Mine?" It's something that's difficult not to give in to.

There is a problem with me and this game and it's more than the fact that I suck at rhythm games. It's that this game makes me feel my age. That feeling seep through my hands. I just can't hit some notes because the fingers on my left hand are worthless. After trying to reach for that blue note on Cheap Trick's "Surrender" at the beginning of the chorus, my pinky finger starts locking up and not wanting to move. Being the stubborn man that I am, it doesn't stop me from trying. So, by the seventh time through the song my left hand is screaming for me to stop. What have Pete Townsend and Eddie Van Halen done to keep their fingers limber? How come it's taken till now to realize how worthless my pinky is? Why can't I stop playing this game? Why do I start humming the song to myself and play air video game guitar to see if I can remember the notes? Why do I think I'd actually be able to even come close to 50% on the coda of "Free Bird?" Why am I jealous an 8 year old? That I know the answer to. It's only one 8 year old, and it's because he can do this:

I don't think I ever had fingers that could pull that off.

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Mandy said...

Unless you've been using your fingers like that for a while, they're going to hurt, even if you're twenty or whatever. So don't feel old. My pinky always hurts when I fool around on the guitar, and I can't do third and fourth finger trills on the cello, 'cause my pinky locks up. Maybe we actually have genetically screwed up don't let *that* make you feel old! :)