Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ramblings (Too Short Edition)

I hate Florida...and the three point line.

In case you haven't heard the Tribune Co. is going to sell the Cubs by the end of this year. That gives me less than a year to wrangle up $600 million dollars which is the estimated going price. I assume I'm actually going to need around a billion dollars after it's all said and done. I will consider investment partners, but only after an exhausting interview process.

Big, big weekend coming up. Among the end of the season craziness there are a few things I'm looking forward to: Friday is the CSI: Miami wrap party where something weird is bound to happen. I will the follow that up with a "Hot Fuzz" showing with director and writer present as part of a triple bill including John Woo's "Hard Boiled" and then the brilliant "Point Break." In between everything else I have to fit in a viewing of "Grindhouse."

It is so nice to have the Shield back on TV after a year long absence.

My therapist gave homework to do over the week. I have to write down any dreams I have over the week. Last I dreamt that the family and I were going to Ann's graduation only we couldn't get out of Ohio. The really odd thing was that the wandering was bookended by Columbus' own guitar wielding mega mall car salesman Fred Ricart trying to sell his wares. The problem was he apparently expanded into selling women. Which lead to the line of Fred Ricart saying "We're whores!" Our family did not purchase any whores. Can't wait to see what my therapist says about this one.

So Gina Jett has been sent home. Second to last is better than last I guess. I still think Midnight Oil, Legs, Indian Barry Gibb and the Other Chris are worse than both Gina and Stephanie. At least I'll be eating cookies and not baking them, right Dominic?

The Friday Night Lights season and most likely series finale is next week. There is so much in the air. I'm scared they will try to squeeze and wrap it all up in one hour. It's be nice if it's two hours. I hope they don't end it with a cliff hangar. I hope they give us a concrete end, and at least make this one great season with an ending the two or three fans can live with.

Tomorrow, I'm having 3,000 dollars worth of psoriasis drugs delivered to my house. That price of course could be a bit of an exaggeration by my doctor. Still, I'm looking into a security guard for my apartment.

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