Sunday, October 08, 2006

Why Do I Have So Much Joy When The Yankees Lose?

Isn't it time to stop hating them because they buy all the best players? Since they started stocking their roster with potential Hall of Famers they haven't won a single thing. Am I saying we should stop hating the Yankees? Hell no! I still fume with Jeter's smirk. Giambi's constant sweating (or does he just oil up like a professional wrestler?) annoys me. The arrogant fans drive me up the wall. I think Yankee Stadium is a pit. So please keep detesting the Yankees, just remember you can't really use their payroll as an excuse. You can just use it as another dagger to jab the Yankee fans with. Congratulations Detroit on a big first step. Also, how many fans are out there hoping your team isn't the one that takes A-Rod off the Yankees hands?


The Sound and the Fury said...

Brad - I'm a Yankee Lover just through theory of relativity. Most people hate the Yankees and I hate most people.

Jiff said...

You wouldn't add the word "players" to the last line of the title of this post, would you?


The Sound and the Fury said...

Jiff - I'm proud of the ballsiness displayed in this comment...The same people nation who mourns Mr. Lidle today, would have burned both him and his team at the stake had he been accused of taking steroids yesterday afternoon.