Thursday, October 05, 2006

The CSI: Miami Curse Strikes Again

In case you didn't know there is a CSI: Miami curse. When we write something it usually happens in real life.

In season one we wrote a sniper episode and days later the Beltway Sniper attacks began. We went ahead and shot it and everything, realizing that if the attacks kept happening we would have to pull the show. Days before we were to air the episode they caught the men. I'm sure people thought we were capitalizing on a tragedy but we actually had that episode half shot when the events happened.

Also, in season one we did a story in which a family is found murdered when someone finds the only survivor a toddler walking the street. Sure enough, an eerily similar murder took place in real life.

Season three we did an hour and a half episode about a tsunami hitting Miami. Less than two months later the deadliest tsunami in recorded history occurred in the Indian Ocean.

There are other instances through out the show's history that could lead people to say that CSI: Miami is cursed in some way. Well, it's happened again. Last week our writer's broke a story involving the Amish. Yes, I know Caruso and the Amish in Miami. Anyway, what happens but the Amish tragedy in Lancaster, PA. How wierd is that? We do an AMISH episode and this happens. This time we aren't going through with this episode. All Wed. the writers holed up in the writer's room and broke a new story. They then all worked together to write the episode. In fact at this moment bobby is probably staring at the computer putting the script together. This is television. This is chaos.


faith said...


How crazy is that!

Good job guys...type Bobby type!

bobby said...

I'm hoping to pitch a story where Caruso guns down the enemies of a television script coordinator.