Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We Can Make It Better, Stronger, Faster...

I really like my Nano. I like its simplicity. I like its form. I even like the uniqueness the scratches give the device. Yet, over time I have become a little disappointed by the operating system. Before the Nano, I had the monstrosity called Dell DJ, and a Creative Zen Micro. While the mechanism of the Zen isn't as accurate as the Nano, there are some things that the Zen does that the Nano can't. Why can't I delete a song from within my Nano. Often I buy an album and just throw it on the Nano to listen to it. With the Zen if I came across a song I didn't like I just deleted it. With the Nano I have to connect it to my computer and then delete it there. Also, when I have my player set on shuffle and come across an artist I want to hear other songs from, why can't I access those songs with a push of a button like on my old Zen? Why can't I add songs to a playlist when actually listening to the song? I do enjoy my Nano, but there are things I miss about my Zen. All this to say that in a couple years when I want a new player I might not go back to the iPod. I probably won't go back to Creative with their Zen V Plus (too cute and toyish). I guess I'm saying they have yet to create the perfect mp3 player in my eyes. This is what they need to make:

1. Sleek design and click wheel of an iPod.
2. Operating system that is a more streamlined version of Creative's.
3. It should be able to work with both Mac and PC
4. Line-in recording and a voice recorder
5. There should be no limits on what formats it can play. This is for those hardcore OOG fans.
6. If you want, it can play video but that means the screen has to be at least Gigabeat size. It also need to have a video out.
7. It needs Bluetooth so you can wirelessly transfer songs from your computer and eventually headphones.

Someone needs to get on it too. They have a two years to make one. Actually, if they came up with one sooner I'd probably get it anyway. I don't think it will be the Zune, either.

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bobby said...

I'm a lot less picky on this matter. I just wanted to comment that my iPod is still running on its original battery. I got it Christmas of '03, and I use it most every day.