Monday, July 17, 2006

Those Emmy People Kind of Got It Right

I realize it's been awhile since the Emmy nominations were announced, but I figure I can still give those Emmy voters a pat on the back when do something right. To my surprise, Denis Leary was actually nominated for best actor in a drama for Rescue Me. Which is great because the show deserves some recognition. But why no nominations for best drama? Can I also say I'm sick and tired of this blind love for the Sopranos. I agree seasons 1 & 2 were great television. After that, it's been a slow decline into mediocrity and boredom. Still, I'll let that slide. What I won't let slide is that John Scurti doesn't get a nomination for playing Lt. Kenny Lou Shea. That is a travesty! He is just fantastic on the show. Calie Thorne as Sheila really deserves a nod as well. She plays the desperate lonely crazy single mother so well. It's two parts funny, two parts sad.

For those that haven't been Netflixing Rescue Me after I wrote about it last year, what's wrong with you?

One other question: How in the hell does The Shield not get anything for the stellar season. Forest Whitaker doesn't get a guest actor nod? Really? Is it only the Academy members that are watching Boston Legal?


Adam said...

I'll second that, Brad. Rescue Me and Scurti are brilliant. I almost lost it when the power went out here last night. The thought of the TV and Tivo going down on Tuesday night before 10:00 was more than I could bear. Luckily it came back on around 9:30...then went out again..but not until 11:10. I was rescue.

bobby said...

Leary was smart to not make the show only about him. He's great, but in doses. Those guys around him are all incredibly watchable. That Scurti is great.

bobby said...

Above: My most quickly written comment ever?