Friday, July 21, 2006


Please wait till the end of this paragraph to pass judgement.

The World Cup had left a longing in me for more soccer. I can't follow the US soccer teams because they suck. That leaves following soccer overseas. I decided on the English Premiership over the Spanish football league simply because I could understand the cheers and announcers. I also had more knowledge about the Premierships teams than the Spanish. After deciding on a league I needed to choose a team. I narrowed it down to two teams Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. I talked to my brother Sam who lives in London, and asked for any added insight into the teams. He is actually a Liverpool supporter. One of my main concerns is that I didn't want to jump onto a badnwagon. That's one of the reasons Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea were elminated. Liverpool while an underdog for awhile, actually one the cup last year. Supporting them would then be like someone coming and picking the Red Sox. This had me leaning more and more toward Tottenham Hotspur. Here are some other reasons I was leaning toward Tottenham.
1. Great name
2. I look good in navy blue and white (the team colors)
3. Their logo is called the cock and ball. Yes it's juvenile but it's also a cool logo.
4. They are a young team with promise.

The final nail in the coffin though came from Sam. "If you like to support the underdog (as I recall you support the Cubs), you may prefer to back the Hotspurs." That pretty much sealed the deal. So I have no become a Spur supporter.

Now I know what you readers are thinking...copycat. Yes, I realized yesterday that Bill Simmons went through the same process and even narrowed it down to the same two teams. In fact he actually picked the Hotspurs as well. After reading that, I became conflicted about my pick. I seriously considered changing to Liverpool. Eventually, I came to my senses and realized I don't care. No matter what team I picked I would percieved as a bandwagoner. That's why it's difficult to pick a team this late in life. So I'm sticking with Hotspur. Besides, I can't pull off wearing the red which is Liverpool's color. Actually, I'll probably get more flack for deciding to follow soccer.

I once burnt my nose while ironing a shirt.

I'm still leading my fantasy baseball team by double digits, but the pitching that got me there is begining to fall apart.

The Cubs still suck.

This Sunday is The Flaming Lips at the Hollywood Bowl. This will be my first trip to the Hollywood Bowl in the five plus years I've lived out here. Some things just take awhile getting to.

Remember when summer time used to be a great time for movies?


bobby said...

Regarding summer movies: the last time I can remember being in full tilt anticipation mode for the summer was 1989. Batman, Ghostbusters II, Back to the Future II, Last Crusade, and Dead Poets Society (when you could actually look forward to a Robin Williams movie). Funny thing is that today the movie from 1989 for me is Crimes and Misdemeanors. When did I change?

PotentialLunchWinner said...

Spurs are a bunch of fags. Manchester City FC is the team the cool kids support.

Bradford said...

How can someone who supports a team in baby blue call another team fags? The best seasons for Man City is when they play well enought to not be relegated. Still it's better than supporting Man U.

PotentialLunchWinner said...

I don't think anyone who supports a team in which their logo is a cock and ball is in any position to argue, sir.