Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Simple Gaming Joy

So simple yet so fun. The game is called audiosurf. You pilot a space ship along a track trying to connect three or more same colored bricks together. Just that aspect alone it's an enjoyable time waster of a game. The developers though added a little something to put it over the top. The track bricks all coincide with whatever mp3 or song from a CD that you choose. It works really well. Just want something fun to kill a little time? Then play the game to a slower song. Want a challenge? Then select a faster song from your music collection. I could keep going on and on trying to describe it, but I think seeing the game in action will do a much better job.

Mr. Blue Sky: This is the first video I saw of the game. I love how the track bounces along.

Bohemian Rhapsody: The changes in the song make this a fun song to play.

Then there are leaderboards to see who has the best score on each song, and so on. Sometimes just a clever idea can make a game.

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