Monday, February 18, 2008

Ramblings (The Grindstone Edition)

Because of this throat ailment, I have not had a drink of Pepsi or caffeine of any kind for over a week. For the past three weeks I have drank what would equal about one can of Pepsi. All I have had to drink is water and a couple Gatorades. My body has no idea what is happening. Let me repeat that: Three weeks - one Pepsi.

In celebration of going back to work I purchased the drum set for Rock Band. I was doing fine till I got to the second tier on the hard difficulty. Now I'm all blisters and leg cramps. Being the compulsive person that I am, I've now watched drumming basic videos online, and practiced everywhere I go. Where was this dedication when I was young and learning an actual instrument?

We had the American Idol draft yesterday. I got all the contestants with crazy names:

I'm pretty happy with my picks at least with the two ladies. Still I can't complain that I have someone named Chikezie on my team.

For the record I'm glad the blond kid that sang in a fake British accent didn't make it. I don't care that he supposedly lives in a car. He got cocky, stunk it up, and then tried to cry his way back on. Good riddance.

Saw this on Engadget and it is full on creepy from Elmo to the crazy guy in the lab coat to the Russian Mob boss at the end of the clip.

We always thought when robots took over the world they would like Arnold. Clearly the real future will be much more frightening.

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Mandy said...

That girl Ramiele is really cute.