Thursday, June 14, 2007

If I Were Loaded...with money

Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if I happened to create a hit TV show that spawned two other hit TV shows. What kind of person would I be if I could retire simply on the residuals from said TV shows? This is my boss who makes at least three times what I make in just her residuals alone.

I could go on to say where I would donate my money, and how I would help those less fortunate than me. I could give detailed accounts of specific charities and what not, but that's kind of boring. The interesting question is in what eccentric ways would I spend my money. I also don't mean for instance having my own airplane or some ten room home in Beverly Hills where every bathroom has a 42" plasma. Though that would be suhweet!

Anyway, first off we need a car. I could go with a classic mustang or some classic with suicide doors. Boring. What I really want is this:Yeah! Ever since I was a kid I've been a fan of the Datsun/Nissan Z series. This '76 is exactly what I'm looking for and it comes in orange! The nice thing is that a pristine one of these is about a third of the price of a pristine Mustang so I could get three or four of these!

Next I would like to build a recording studio in the basement or garage. Besides the basics that every recording studio needs, I'd like to have it stocked with a bunch of unique instruments. Actually, how about we just stock with all the musical instruments I could. What would be the point of this. I would like to write one brilliant pop song a year. I know I'm not musically inclined, and I would need a few years to get a handle on what all the various sounds I can get out of the instruments. Still, I have melodies run through my head every now and then. I also have a whole family of musicians to work with. I could make it work, and then every New Year's Ever at the stroke of midnight I would release that song of the year. They would be so brilliant that a hardcore fanbase would form. These hardcore fans would then have New Year's Eve parties all in anticipation of that one song. Of course the song would be free, because I would be doing it for the love of music and for the world.

Then there is the mini-Wrigley Field built in my backyard. The kids could play wiffle ball. I think someone did this already only it was Fenway. Not the most original idea, but I'm making it happen.

Finally, I want to have a small collection of different film cameras that I would use to create home movies. Nothing huge, just some 8mm and 16mm film cameras. I've always liked the romantic image of watching home movies on a projector. I know we are in a digital age, but if I have the money why not go film? Of course that means having to edit the film. I hate editing. Maybe I can hire someone or go digital for the editing?

That's a few of the ideas I have running through my head once I create that monumental TV show that will turn me into an eccentric old fool.

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bobby said...

Is this a flashback post written when you were 14?