Sunday, August 20, 2006

This Is How You Do It MOL Jr.

You ask MOL Jr. I answer.


8:58 am - Wake up.

8:59 am - Bathroom

9:00 - Sit on couch and turn on TV. The English Premiere League begins, and get to watch my first live much of now beloved Tottenham Hotspurs.

9:05 - Grab Pepsi and retro Tottenham Jersey and put it on. The jersey came weeks ago. Of course I was in the shower when it was delivered. Realizing if I didn't answer I would have to go to the post office, I answered the door in a towel. The poor old Asian mail lady. Nobody should ever see me in a just towel. It's like the Crypt Keeper answering the door. I really wanted the jersey, and hate the post office.

9:09 - Bolton scores against Spurs. The replay shows one of the Bolton players was clearing holding two defenders back. Nice to see refs suck in all sports. I take the jersey off.

9:13 - Bolton scores again on a spectacular goal from 35 yards out. I put the jersey back on, and sit on other side of couch.

10:33 - Bolton wins 2-0. Yep, Spurs are my team. I learn that Spurs has never beaten Bolton at Reebok Stadium. If I was a betting man...

10:35-1:30pm - Involves hygiene, trying to call friends and family, killing another
2,147 zombies in Dead Rising, checking e-mail, checking fantasy and reality baseball, checking movie times, call Dave Baldwin to see how he's doing.

2:23 - Arrive at comic book store to find the Phonogram comic book. It's all about music being magic. He also uses lyrics from an Afghan Whigs song as dialogue. The comic book is sold out. Buy two Stikfas to ease the pain, and satisfy the part of me that's still a kid.

3:13 - Have some Thai for lunch: garlic squid, lemon chicken, and Mee-krob. Wonder once again why I'm not pushing 200 lbs.

4:13 - Go to Barnes & Noble to see if they have Phonogram. What was I thinking? Pick up ESPN Fantasy Guide to get a clue about my fantasy football draft tomorrow. Read front to back.

5:13 - Go to music store to browse. See that Fox has released some new film noirs. Make a note to pick them up at a cheaper store.

6:45 - Go to movie theater to see some mutherfn' snakes on a mutherfn' plane.

6:50 - concession girl, who must be in charge of eating everything they would normally throw away at night, tries to sell me a chocolate bar for charity. I lie and say I'm allergic to chocolate. I realize I now cannot order anything with chocolate now. I feel guilty for lying to her, and the eating a lot thought. I order small coke and two hot dogs.

7:10 - There are maybe 20 people in the theater. This is what happens when your media buzz hit its peak a year ago.

7:17 - Preview for the TV show heroes shows. I'm interested and bummed because I've had that idea in my idea notes for 3 years.

9:15 - Credits roll. The movie is exactly what it should be, and enjoyable on that part.

9:21 - Movie jones isn't satisfied. That means...double feature! Little Miss Sunshine is playing at 10:30pm. Buy ticket.

9:30 - Have Chicken Dijon for dinner.

10:20 - Go into theater. Same concession girl. I now look like a dork, and still feel guilty. Order small coke and small popcorn. Really, why aren't I Orca fat?

10:26 - See the Heroes preview again. Now I'm just angry at myself.

12:12 - Credits roll. It had it's moments, but it felt like a generic road trip comedy wrapped in independent movie clothing. Even it's end message didn't appear to be what the characters needed. I know there are going to be people that will love this movie, I'm all luke warm about it.

12:45 - Get home, watch ESPN news, finish off box of Cheez-its (I wish I was kidding), Channel surf, check e-mail, check fantasy baseball, go to bed.


9:15 am - Wake up and get ready for church.

10:01 - Arrive at church.

11:05 - Leave church.

11:16 - Get home in time to watch Cubs game.

1:06 pm - Call Bob to see what's new. No answer.

1:28 - Call my brother Ben I.

1:45 - Cubs lose to the Cards 5-3.

1:50 - check e-mail, blah, blah, blah.

2:07 - Start planning my fantasy football draft.

2:45 - Check to see if my draft order has been set.

2:48 - Draft has been moved to next Sunday for the third time. Grrr.

2:55 - Kill more zombies.

3:21 - Order pizza.

4:00 - Watch Baseball Tonight. Actually watch last two innings of Little League World Series game. Did you see how big that first baseman was for the Saudi Arabia team? He's almost 7 feet tall and he's what thirteen? Oh the poor woman that gave birth to him.

5:00 - Watch first couple innings of the most over covered rivalry in sports: Red Sox vs. Yankees.

5:17 - Do laundry and clean apartment

4:13 - Come up with blog idea for later this week.

8:13 - Finish laundry (It'd been awhile)

8:19 - Take break from cleaning to download Lost Planet demo on Xbox 360. It is now one of my most anticipated games. It looks so cool. I said "Oh shit" at least three times during the demo.

9:26 - Finish cleaning.

10:13 - Finish second half of pizza.

11:36 - Check Sportscenter

11:53 - Start blog entry.

That is how you fill two days when you have only yourself.


Ben said...

I'm not sure if I should be appalled or impressed...

bobby said...

Comic books, video games, action movies, fantasy teams, pizza for dinner, single? Are you 19? Are you in college? Brad!

Also, did you actually get ahold of Dave? I leave messages, but no returns.

Jaime said...

I'm going to love Little Miss Sunshine, I can feel it. I adore generic road trip comedies wrapped in independent film clothing--it's so me.

The Sound and the Fury said...

Man, all those cokes and junk food and you only went to the bathroom once in two days?!?

faith said...

LOL...I love this!

I can't imagine doing the same while I'm not in school. Everyone would fall asleep before they finished reading

Jiff said...

"Credits roll. It had it's moments, but it felt like a generic road trip comedy wrapped in independent movie clothing. Even it's end message didn't appear to be what the characters needed. I know there are going to be people that will love this movie, I'm all luke warm about it."

This is a PERFECT take on this film.

Your life... I cannot BELIEVE how much you eat. And the amount of Zombies you kill. And the few in-person contacts that were noted (where you knew the person's name). I like the frolic of the on-a-whim double feature.

Jiff said...

I mean, seriously, that is a LOT of food.