Friday, August 04, 2006

Ramblings - The EP

Everytime they blow up or crush a car on our show, I immediately think, "I could've used that car. Instead of blowing it up, why couldn't they give it to me?" They bought a car and blew it up for a five second shot on our show. I do find it odd that one of my big complaints about Hollywood is that they blow perfectly good cars that could be put to better use.

Money to Burn. This phrase has always left me a little confused. I understand when someone says Bill Gates has "money to burn." It points to the ridiculousness of how much money he has. What I don't get is when people say "I'd love to buy that, but I don't have 400 dollars to burn." That makes no sense. If you would love to buy that, then how can that compare to burning money? Also, who came up with this "money to burn" phrase? Somewhere at sometime someone burned money and I want to know who it was.

In the "Please Don't Suck. Please Don't Suck" category I offer the Xbox 360 game "Dead Rising." You are a photographer stuck in a mall with hundreds of zombies coming after you and other civilians. Everything from squirtguns to bowling balls to shrub trimmers can be used against the zombies. Really, how can you go wrong with that? Also, there are supposed to be numerous zombies on the screen at once. So, it's not like taking out zombies one at a time as they chase you. That means zombie carnage on a mass scale. Still I have sneaky suspicion it might suck. I hope I'm wrong. I hope this screenshot is actual gameplay. I want to kill 523 zombies! At least!

I like that Regent keeps sending me e-mails to remind me that I'm an alumni. It keeps me humble.

Finally, to the jackass that I was trying to help yesterday at the gas station: You see when a car is running gas is pumped from the tank into the engine where sparks cause combustion that moves the parts. So, when you are trying to fill you gas tank with the car running, it's kind of like eating while sitting on the toilet. Ok maybe not, but still you can risk your life on your own time but don't get me and other intelligent people involved in your teasing Mr. Death. Also, don't tell me you've done this all the time. You're telling me that for the past 30 odd years of your life everytime you've pumped gas you've left the engine running? How are you still alive? If you are dumb enough to be doing that for all this time, what other moronic stuff have you been doing?

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