Monday, April 24, 2006

Holding Pattern

Sorry guys, but this blog will be in a bit of a holding pattern this week. We are in our last week of production, which means we will be heading into our hiatus. Well everyone else will. I will be working. This week will be dedicated to finishing this season's bible. That's basically a recap of each episode along with all the forensics used in each episode and any character points that are brought up. Thankfully, Tamara did half of them and I only have to write 13 of them. Still, it will take awhile. I will most likely be back with you in a week, after I watch 13 hours of Ronald removing and replacing his sunglasses. Suhweeeet.


bobby said...

It's a special kind of hell.

Bradford said...

I'm rather dissapointed with myself because I wasted such a genius picture on a lame PSA post like this.

Tim said...

I love that picture, but what is it from?

BTW, Brad...I just though you should know that I put our script back up on Inktip for free a couple weeks ago.

Not a single hit.

It's official: Esez/Pura Vida is DEAD.

Bradford said...

The picture is from a Google image search of "holding pattern" God bless you Google image search.

I thought they called the time of death on Esez a long time ago?

Tim said...

No...actually, it's been in a deep coma for quite some time. In early 2004, it briefly awakened, only to slip back in the middle of the night.