Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rumblings (The 5.4 Magnitude Edition)

As I sat through the largest earthquake that I've ever experienced during my 7+ years of living out here, one thing went through my mind: Jiff will have no idea what I'm pondering. So, here is what was going through my mind- Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

So there used to be a time when odd, strange, creepy, and sadly funny things would happen in my life. Well, something has happened, and those things are no longer taking place. Maybe I've matured? Maybe I'm just living in a better neighborhood? Maybe I just don't put myself in situations where such things could happen? Either way, I'm bored. I have no new crazy stories to tell. I've worn out all my old stories. I have simply this boring and normal existence. Changes need to be made.

A couple weeks ago, I had my first taste of caffeine in about 4 months. I was like a kid released in pixie stix factory. It was nice actually noticing the caffeine coursing through my body.

Last week I learned my first full song on guitar. Well I didn't learn the solo, but I can crappily play The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses." On my own I've dabbled into a little Priest, some more AC/DC, and The Outfield's "Say It Isn't So." I realize this is probably normal, but I now can't stop looking at guitars, and gear, and pedals. It's become a slight addiction, which will be fine as long as I keep it to window shopping. I now understand why those guys have all those guitars.

Ida Maria (of the spectacular "Oh My God" on Snobfest 2007) just released her debut album. Of course it's UK only at this moment. I never understood that. Why not try to get into as many hands as possible? Is international distribution that much of pain in the ass?

Still digging Hold Steady's latest. Black and Whites album is quite good. Paul Westerberg just released an album for $0.49. It's an interesting experiment. The song Perfect Games has raised my expectations for The Broken West's upcoming album. Now is the following an unacceptable bastardization of a classic, or an intriguing take on a classic?
Sweet Child O Mine (Guns N Roses Cover) - Taken By Trees

We are only a couple weeks away from a new season for Tottenham Hotspur. They've really strengthened their midfield, but one of our star strikers left to Liverpool. Their other striker is trying to get out of Tottenham as well. So unless we can sign some quality before the deadline they could be struggling for some goals this season.

I found a PS3 on my TV stand a few months ago. Really weird.

There is a new sports rivalry heating up this year. We've had our Ohio State vs. Michigan, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Cowboys vs. Redskins, etc. The Cubs rival has always been the Cardinals. The problem is that while it was a strong rival it never seemed to have the excitement or vitriol of say the Red Sox and Yankees. I put most of the blame on the Cardinal fans. Sure they might be knowledgeable, and not really like us, but they have always been too polite and stuffy. Well, it looks like the Cubs have gained a proper rival in the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers have been mostly awful since they came over to the National League years ago. It got so bad that Cubs fans started calling Miller Park "Wrigley North." But things have changed. The Brewers got their shit together and have had a good youthful team the last couple seasons. Last year the Brewers were in first place up until after the All Star break where the Cubs finally caught and surpassed them. This year the Brewers are trying to catch the Cubs. The Brewers traded for Cy Young award winner CC Sabathia. The Cubs then fired back by trading for stud pitcher (when healthy) Rich Harden. It's lead to a series this week that has come across like it's the playoffs in its intensity. The fans have been crazy. The players and managers are clearly feeding off it. Just watching last night's game on TV you could feel that something special is...um...brewing...sigh. Even ESPN has even jumped all over this series giving it the opening slot on Sportscenter. I'm all for this rivalry growing. I think it could grow into something special. The Cubs and Brewers play the final series of season against each other in Milwaukee. If the playoff spots haven't been settled by then, that series could be something to behold. Yes, I realize the Cubs would play the role of the Yankees to the Brewers' Red Sox.


Jiff Divingboard said...


See... I love this stuff!

I'd been noticing the Cubs doing well... and so I thought, for SURE you'd have a take. See... I don't like baseball... but if I'm near a game on TV and the Cubs are playing... I root for them... for you.

Same with the Tot Spurs, though... well, I guess that's just theoretical.

Here's to No More Insane Stories!

bobby said...

Obviously, you need to go back to caffeine to get the stories going.