Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So, This Might Only Be of Interest to Jiff's Buddy Steven, But At Least It's Not Idol or Baseball Post

What's up family, and friends, and people who Google image searched Judas Priest album covers? It's time for me to bore you with another post about a band I really like, and most of you don't. It's not the Twilight Singers/Afghan Whigs, but the second band I've written the most about...The Hold Steady. One of the reasons they show up so frequently is that they release albums as often as I date. Which is pretty frequent for an artist. Not so frequent for me.

Since their album Separation Sunday, they have become a first day of release purchase for me. In fact they have become and anticipated release artist. I look forward to it. I mark it in my Blackberry's calendar. 7/15/08 is when their new album hits stores. Today, they put their first single, "Sequestered in Memphis," up on myspace. See it's good for music, not just cyberstalking. I've already played the song six times today. It's The Hold Steady with power chords, and organ, and piano, and horns, and sing-a-long choruses. They even include some hand claps in the breakdown. Yes, Finn is still singing, which means most of you will only be able to get past 24 seconds of the song. Jiff's buddy Steven likes them, so maybe he will stumble upon this post and click on the myspace link and listen to the song and enjoy it.

Let's keep this going for a little bit. Today is my second guitar lesson with a guy named Steve. Imagine if Jerry Garcia as a surfer and about a hundred pounds lighter, and you've just pictured what my teacher looks like. His "teaching room" is basically a walk in closet in this guitar shop. He sits in this old 70's like chair like a California Buddha, and spouts out his guitar knowledge. He also sprinkles it with a few ramblings, and pauses while he tries to collect a memory from a most likely weed clouded mind. I'm basically saying that I couldn't have a more entertaining guitar teacher. His one comment about me, "You seem practical, so lets go with that."


Ben said...

That sounds like a typical guitar teacher and lesson. Does he take your guitar from you then play his own songs? Does he spend half of your time talking about how big of a musician he really ought to be? THAT is a true guitar lesson.

bobby said...

1. See, that's my problem with The Hold Steady. They seem to be only for the Blackberry-owning elite.

2. You should've included your guitar teacher's address in this post. It would help police nail him for your eventual murder. (Is there an attic door in the walk-in closet? I thought so.)

Jiff Divingboard said...

Has your teacher ever said, "It puts the lotion on?"

I've become a Hold Steady fan, a bit, as well. Steven gave me a few songs. Fun!

Bradford said...

He has never taken my guitar. He just pulls a guitar from his wall of guitars to show off. He's only mentioned one story where members of Cheap Trick said his bad was awesome. He's already told me that story twice. So, I think that's all he has.

bobby, I actually think the Kooks fit more into the blackberry owning elite.

No "It puts the lotion on"...yet.